A Dragon´s Story

Shine a young dragon hatchling, is forced to flee her home as a knight dragon for the royal family after her rider is murdered by the Jealous prince. She stumbles on to her riders family who have been told she murder their son. Suddenly turning in to a human shine is forced to find a way to retuned to her former self and set things right where they haven ben set wrong but when a new rider comes in to her life everything changes


1. Pilot

”It´s over here” one of them shouted, pointing his spear at me. My head hurts and my right shoulder feels warm. The smell of blood is everywhere, both my own and my riders blood. I look around I can see him, my rider. He is laying on his back facing the sky, his eyes are open but he´s just staring blindly in to the sky. I whimper a little as I am overwhelmed whit sadness. Come on let’s get her back to the castle, the Prince won´t be happy if she dies. They tie my wings together and I don´t care. My other half is gone. “What about him?” one of them says referring to my rider “drop him in the river.” One of them answers. That’s when I wake up from my misery. They are going to get rid of the body, not caring about what they have done, taken a life. I growl and use my tail like a wip, scaring their basilisks and hitting one of them. I get back up. My wings are tied together and I can´t fly. I let out a roar. I can see the fear in their eyes and I smile, my roar is nothing. After all I am still just a hatchling and I can barely fly so the half eaten horse was my riders. “I thought you had poisoned her!” one of them shouted “I did but you know how an angry dragon is!” one of the others answered. “Forget it boys this one is to dangerous, let’s get out of here.” They run, I growl after them and let a tiny white cloud out of my mouth that freeze everything it touches. I move over to my rider, my body feels heavy but I still look at him. Dig a hole in the ground, I put him down in it, push him so he can look up at the sky. I take a deep breath and the white cloud fills the hole and soon a white ice had filled it. I whimper before leaving the icy hole and walk in to the forest knowing that my dragon ice will never melt. 



This chapter is corrected :D





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