Day Dreamer.

What if you found yourself in a 'what if ' situation... What then?


1. What if???

What if it's a dream? 

Everything you touch and see, everything you eat and breathe, everything you hear and drink? Imagine that; life actually the dream, not the reality.  Until one day you wake up... Or you think you do, and your thought reality is imprinted distinctly or vividly as a dream in your mind. Everything you are , or you thought you were, unimportant and just a dream. A natural reaction; when you wake up, visions are either there or not there, and naturally it fades. Like breath on a mirror and gone in an instant.  Well , it's like that for me, but being alone just increases it. Lost; I get feelings, shudders of emotions plummeting down my spine and they send me into overdrive. I tell myself 'it's just a stupid theory you have it's not true, just make belief and NOT TRUE!' But somehow my brain, mind, soul and body are drawn to such strange ideas. Nothing traps them from evading my head at any untold time so I run, deeper and deeper away from them. But it's no use, however far I run they're always there, alway right next to me, right within me.  How can anyone bare it? But how can anyone not? I train myself to restrain it from expression to all else, who would see me to be caged up and kept in the dark. Enclosed with only the wild inhabitants of the thoughts my mind possesses for company. Reality is too clear for those who feel shame on people like me. Dead ends. Like learning a new language, they fail to learn about me and continue with the flock, favouritism and acceptance for a 'sane' perspective overrules their mind to become open to any other kind of moral decency.  Sometimes I dream things, small things, the most wonderful visions, in a place far away from the hell 'reality' of what is so solidly portrayed as 'life'. Such magnificent places they are to. The welcoming image strongly grasped within my mind when awake in the other. But the concept still baffles me, how and why would anyone design such a system, 'life' of the perfection and the 'life' of hell, condemnation to the people who see beauty in a different light to those who arrogantly dismiss the existence of countless other possibilities? It is clear to know which life I would chose to forever keep. Until I find the open doorway So within my final prepared breath of 'reality' I rise in the knowledge that I and I alone forever more gain the riches of immortality.

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