Bitten! (5SOS) (Complete)

(Book 1) A human, beautiful girl name is Amber Rose Rosemary, the vampire man's daughter, who now lives in with four vampire boys.

One of them have been fall in love with her and want to bite her sweet blood. One of them hates her. One of them didn't want to stay close to her. And one of them going to marry her.

"Please let me bit you?!" He begs.

He walks close to me as I walk back to meet the wall and I was scared of him. I'm about to turn around, but he grabs my arm and pulled me to him. He bites on my neck and leaves me with bitten mark.

(Let's find out more about what happens.)


14. Chapter 13


Chapter 13




Michael P.O.V

It has three days, Amber is still sleeping on her bed, and she was supposed to wake up by yesterday, but I guess she can't.

You see she might be dying, but her pulse is still alive, and her heartbeat is still beating as I can hear her heartbeat.

I wish she could be waking up by now but our wedding date due next week and Troy is trying to do something, but he couldn't because she's now in a coma.

Today is Tuesday, and I hate time because time and week has been quicker than I thought so.

I love her very much, and I don't suppose that she loves me but as a friend, I can tell that she starts to fell in love with Luke.

She's stupid not to realise that way because I can see and tell that she doesn't know what is love as she takes a slow process!

I sat on the chair in the kitchen, and I was thinking about her, and Luke as I put my arm on the table.

I must be crazy, and I know that!

Otherwise, Luke too doesn't know what love is, but he seems he knew that he fell in love with Amber and it looks like I'm jealous of their love!

I scoff, and I cross my arm as I was still hard thinking.

I know their love is pure as true love but can they love each other and how did she wake up?

I wish our love is true love enough than Luke but I can't make a wish like this and it have to be Luke who gives her a real love kiss.

I sigh out of sadness when Luke enters the kitchen, and he grabs the water.

That's right; we're still half human and half-vampires.

I turn to see Luke grabs the water and about to walks back to his room, but I stop him.

"Luke?" I call.

He stops, and he turns around to see me with his nervous face while I sit up.

Luke, if you read my mind, then say something!

"Yes, Michael." Luke replies quickly.

"Come here! I want to talks to you." I order.

I tap on another chair hard to make him sit on it, and he comes to sit down on the presidency.

He looks down on the table, and Luke laughs nervously at the same time as I put stern looks on my face to see Luke.

"Ahem!" I clear my throat.

Luke looks up at me, and he seems like he didn't realise that I was that serious.

"I'm sorry! We never have this talk before so... I'm nervous." Luke replies when he looks down at his lap.

See, Luke, if you're nervous, then I'm nervous too!

I sigh out of sadness when I look at my hand and play it while I put my hand on the table.

"I had thinking about that theory power. It's about our wedding day. I'm quite worried about that. You will saying that you object to the priest because you love my wife." I explain while I look up at Luke's innocent look on his face.

That's right; I had it yesterday.

Luke looks shocked, and he looks at me with his sad looks.

"I'm so sorry to hear about that. When Amber woke up, I will try to leave her alone." Luke says.

"No! It was too late. You are the one who give Amber a last kiss which am I can give you a last kiss. That's it!" I explain.

Luke looks confused and shocked at the same time. 

"Wait, what?!" Luke says with his shocked tone.

"Yes, Luke. Shocking, right?" I nod.

I sigh out of sadness, and I look down on the ground.

"Are you alright, mate?" Luke asks worriedly.

"No! Why can I be? I mean... I wasn't the one who give her a kiss!" I shout.

That's right, It was yesterday, I kissed her on her lip, and it won't work.

Troy told me to kiss her by pure love kisses like Princess Aurora and Snow White to make her woke up.

If you read my mind, Luke, then please help me and help her to wake up, she doesn't deserve it.

With that, Luke looks shocked, and he seems sad lately.

"I'm sorry, Michael. I know I feel bad for you!" He says.

I sigh out of sadness, and I close my eyes.

I'm so nervous to see Luke kiss her.

"Don't be sorry! Even it's not for me, apologies to her." I pause.

I look up while I open my eyes to see Luke and he smiles at me that he never smile like this before.

"I would like to give you another chance." I continue.

"Well... If you're wrong, then she might be died or put someone to kiss her like Ash- No, he can't be! Or maybe Cal- No, he can't be!" He says in thinking.

"Yeah, maybe Calum or Ashton will be the one but, my vision will say it was you. So, can you please give it a try?" I say/ask.

With that, Luke sighs out of sadness, and he was thinking about what we have said while I uncrossed my arm to free from my chest.

I put worried looks on my face, and he nods only one time while he put his hand on his waist.

"Yay!" I clap my hand.

"But only one last kisses. That's it, I have to go if she woke up or not!" Luke says while he put his index fingers into 'one' up in the air.

"Fine!" I complain.

He sighs out of nervous.

"Here it goes! After you, my king!" He bows after me.

I laugh at him because he called me King and that's why I love him as he's my brother, not a real brother.

I run to Amber's room with Luke on my left side, and we enter the room together while Troy spots us.

He walks to where we stand here, and he taps on my shoulder while he looks sad.

"Michael, she will be died soon. After I did something to her, it won't work." He explains.

I tap on his shoulder, and I smile at Troy while he gives me a confused look on his face.

"Well... I'm not here for information. I'm here to give Luke have try to kiss Amber for last time." I explain to Troy.

I turn to see Luke's still stand by me and he keeps staring at her.

"Luke? What's wrong?" I ask.

He shakes his head.

"No, I can't do it for you!" Luke shouts.

"Yes, you can! Come on!" I shout.

I push him away to Amber's bed, and he turns around to see me.

"You can do it!" I cheer for him.

Honestly, if you read it, I'm totally fine with it and trust me, it'll be you.

He gives me a small smile.

"Okay! I can do it!" Luke says.


He turns around to look at Amber's lip.

Come on, Luke!

"I'm sorry, Amber." Luke whispers.

He leans down on her lip slowly, and he kisses her!

Luke, please!

That's enough!

When he pulls away from the kiss, he moves from where Amber lying down on the bed and Luke opens his eyes while he shoots his lip away from her mouth.

We all look at her, but she’s still not wake up.

I sigh sadly, and I kneel at the same time.

"Luke..." Amber says.

We're all shocking, and I stand up quickly.

She was starting to open her beautiful brown eyes, and Amber looks around. 

"Amber!" I call.

She sits up, but Troy stop her from seeing Amber looks dizzy.

"Amber, you need to rest." Troy orders to Amber.

Luke has gone already when she opens her eyes because he promises me to leave her alone and I was right.

I sigh out of happiness, and I put my hand on her cheek while she looks spooked.

You know, I was right because Luke loves Amber more than me and she loves him too.

"Are you alright, then?" I ask.

"Yeah." She answers sadly.

I wonder what's wrong with her tone?

"Is that about your first kiss, wasn't it?" I ask.

"Yeah, it is." She nods sleepily.

I wonder what if she will say it that she wants to marry me and what if she says no in the future.

I sigh out of worrying, and I hug her while she rubs her eye.

Just wonder if she will be my wife, but she has to know me more than Luke otherwise, my vision come true!

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