real life Hunger Games

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  • Publiceret: 12 okt. 2014
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join hunger games in real life!! you can be a stylist, mentor, or tribute, you can connect with your team of 1 tribute, 1 stylist, and one mentor! plenty of room, enter while you can
Let the games begin!


1. how to enter

simply enter in the comments your:


screan name or the name your using (example: katniss everdeen)


and position your entering as: (example: tribute) 


but, if you don't want to enter as a tribute, enter as a stylist, or a mentor. be part of a district team. now, there will only be 1 tribute per district, so that I don't have to worry about 48 people. It's pretty hard to do that, so I let go of 12. But if your curious. how we're (me, the narrator, and the district teams) are going to communicate, are going to be through a team movella! The mentor will make the movella, and will have to co-author the 2 other team members. But if your curious, if you don't make it in time, and the games are still going, find a district member you like, and donate. Everyone but the 12 tributes (that means every person on movellas) will have $100 to spend. you can do anything you want with the $100. But you can only buy 4 things (and sometimes, can't)

you can buy:



burn skin cream~$200 (yes, if the other person agrees you can combine money) 

tracker-jacker venom healer~ $100


and here are the jobs of the team members:

tribute: you and your mentor aggree on somethings: a talent, something your good at, and something else that you try in training.

stylist: you have to pick out an outfit for your tribute's entering, and if you make it into top 5 standing, a dress for if they win. 

Mentor: give good hints, and definatly make sure your tributes are okay at with what their strenth is, and what else they do. these hints will be extreamly important in the game, because they may save, or kill, your tribute (not litirally)


but there are certain requirements:

1. you have to want to do it

2. you have to be able to get on movellas at least once a week


and some rules:

1. don't trash talk, and don't treaten, or else you will be put out of the games immeadietly, even if you were supposed to win

2. stylists, please don't put your tribute in an outfit that is inappropriate, not too much showing at the top, or bottom. 


but otherwise, your free to do what you want!

have fun!

-may the odds be ever in your favor!


(PS, there is another movella a lot like this one, I hope you know that was a movella exactly like this one, the old movella is an account that I forgot a password to, so I went back to this account, and now, we're using this movella! Thanks!)

Let the games begin!

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