Ravens and cats don't go together

What if I told you that both Sherlock Holmes the worlds greatest detective and his number one enemy Jim Moriarty are taking care of adopted children? the idea is absurd I know but it's actually the truth.
These two girls are as different as possible- One is raised to murder and the other to prevent just that.
So when Moriarty's daughter is send to spy on Sherlock a real friendship between the girls seems impossible.
But does that word even hold meaning to these people?


1. Prologue (Cat)

There I stood in front of the mirror looking myself over. I had managed to get the bloodstains of my dress..yay (I had way too much fun playing with knives at my birthday two days ago) . So yeah now I looked like a pretty ordinary sixteen  year old girl, which was pretty much the whole point.

I could not go and "befriend" the daughter of my dad's rival covered in god damn blood. Or well maybe I could since Sherlock was rather weird but I would not take the chance and screw up my first "solo mission" for something sooo boooring. So I blinked at my reflection cheekily with a sparkling green eye, ran a hand through my redish-blonde curls and whirled around just as the door opend and my dad stepped in smiling.

"So are you ready to start messing with things on your own now?" he asked happily voice laced with the irish accent that I had got aswell, because of growing up with him.

"Yupiedue," I answered beaming at him before picking up the back that held the supplies for the school I had been enrolled in to complete this plan.

"Do I have to go?" I sighed. Other children were boring, and dumb and would not appreciate pretty knives even if I slapped them in the face with them. Okay maybe the last part was understandable but still I did not like the thought of sitting on my but doing maths or analyzing Shakespeare plays all day.

"I'm preeeeeetty sure that Sherlock's daughter likes school no more than you do, and you can't just befriend her in the middle of a street now of you pop Cat, or you'll be tardy on your first day.

"And remember...no mention of your last name...we're too fabulous and famous for the public...and dear old Sherlock to handle that. So now you're officially Cat Howell," he said before gently pushing me towards the door smirking.

And just like that,I...or well not Cat Moriarty, but Cat Howell was of to school.

Blue-hills school was a boring building wich was not blue or hill-like at all. Actually it was just a white square brickbuilding with a black roof.  It did not stand out in any way really. Or well someone had not very prettily painted the words "BLUE HELL SCHOOL" on the facade, in red flacking paint, but something told me, that that was not different from what could have been done on any other school.

So instead of trying to point out something special wich clearly was not there about the building I pushed open its doors and went inside.

Here I was met with crashing waves of sound, as what felt like a million children and young people hurried towards their classrooms while talking to (more like shouting at) each-other. 

I looked at the paper I had got this morning about where to meet my "classmates" hurriedly and then walked across the hall not even glancing at the dumbly adorable people as I walked past them.

Luckily for me I found the classroom pretty fast and knocked on the door in a shy way that was not me at all. But today I wasn't me.

The door was quickly opened by a grey-haired blue-eyed woman who was based on all the things my quick analysis of her told me the teacher (she also seemed to be divorced have to kids and a chihuahua which had tried to eat her shoes).

"Oh hello, you must be our new student, come inside so you can meet the rest of the class," she said with a kind smile, which was actually just damn tired.

I followed her into the room, where about twenty pairs of curious eyes fixated them-self on me in a stare. 

"Students, say hello to your new classmate Cat Howell," the teacher said clapping her hands a bit as if to wake the minds of the slow thinking people.

"Hi Cat," the entire class said monotonously.

"Do you want to tell us something about yourself Cat? like is Cat short for anything?" the teacher asked.

"No my name is Cat nothing more...gods you're all so adorable and ordinary expecting my name to be Catherine or something," I said smiling widely at the teacher's confused face.

"All right miss Howell, You can sit in the back of the class that's sadly the only place, where there is room at the moment, you may sit next to miss Holmes," the teacher said sounding a bit lost.

Still smiling I walked till the back of the class and sat down next to a girl who stared at everyone with utter disinterest.

"Hi," I said giving hand and beaming at her.

First part of mission completed.        




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