Life is Hard

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Alyssa live's in an orphanage, her parents died in an car accident for many years ago, when Alyssa was 1 year old. She was found in her home by a caretaker, and was brought to the orphanage. Now she's 14 years old, and she's only waiting to be adopted by someone. Will she ever be adopted and get a normal life, that she never had ? Read and find out, and read the movella like a fairytale, or is it ? <3


5. Chapter 4.



Alyssa's POV


''Wake up beautiful.'' I heard someone say, just inches away from me. When I didn't do anything, i felt the quilt leave my body. I opened one of my eyes and saw nick above me. God I was tired, but, I was going to get up sometime. 


''What's the clock ?'' I grumbled and slowly sat up. I blinked a few times to get my view back, cause from the start, it was just all a blur... 


''It had just turned 11 AM.'' He said while looking at a watch on his left arm. I didn't know he were wearing a watch, it's not him I can tell. He were never wearing a watch, so that confused me. 


''Since when are you wearing a watch ?'' I said lifting my left eyebrow. 


''Since this morning...'' He said smiling at me. That wasn't an clearly answer, but I didn't want to ask more about it. 


''When's breakfast ?'' I asked while my legs swung out of the bed touching the cold floor. I were wearing the close from last night, one of the worst days in my entire life. I really didn't want to start this day, by thinking about my best friend that isn't here anymore. 


''For an hour ago, but I've got you something, I saved for you.'' He said while standing up from my bed. Did I really miss breakfast ? Okay I did, but when I thought about it, I weren't hungry. That's weird, just like the other day were I weren't eating anything. Cause I literally LOVE food, more than everything ! okay not everything, but almost. 


''Thank you, you shouldn't have done that.'' I said while lifting my weak body from the bed, as I fought agains the sleep and the balance. 


''I really wanted to.... Oh watch out I'll help you.'' He said and hurried up from the bed to get a hold on me. When he talked, I were about to lose my balance. But of cause Nick helped me standing right, as he normally wouldn't. 


''Thank you again, but I was wondering, why are you being so sweet and nice to me ?'' I said while giving him a shy smile. This was a question I've wanted to ask so much last night, but I were fighting with the tears and my emotions. 


''Just come with me and gets some food, you''ll seem to need it.'' He said trying to escape my question I've just asked. Weird. But I just followed him down the hall. 


When we got to the canteen, we sat down by a table. No one were in the canteen, only a few on my and Nicks ages. I sat alone by that time, Nick were getting the food for me. We were at first discussing about, if he should get the food or I should. But he ended up winning the discussing, without my will. 


When I sat there alone waiting on Nick, I couldn't stop my thoughts about Cherrie. She seemed like, she wouldn't leave me alone. I were really missing her terribly ! But I knew, she were good. She were having her new family though, she wouldn't miss this place. If it was me, i wouldn't miss this place at all, I hate it. But not the part with Cherrie, that part was the best in my life, she was the best thing, that have appended to my life. 


''Here comes the food.'' I heard Nick said, when he got back. I looked up at him, as he disturbed my thoughts thankfully. 


''I hope you like it.'' He said while taking a seat in front of me. He looked carefully at me, when I got a little bred in my mouth, I hope he isn't back at the perverted Nick, cause I really liked this sweet Nick. 


''Why are you staring at me ?'' I asked swallowing the bred in my mouth. It seemed like he looked at my mouth, but I wasn't quite sure about it. But he got his attention to me. 


''Oh, I don't know.... Because you're beautiful, that's all.'' He said smiling at me. Phew ! I just thought the old Nick was back, but now I see he isn't. 


''Thank you...'' I said looking down at my food, blushing. Wait did I blush ? This was really getting awkward now, I can't believe I just blushed. But again, I'm not a girl with a high ego and self-eesteem. 


''I mean it ! I'm not lying, if you think that.'' He said turning very serious. 


''I wasn't thinking about you lying to me... I'm just not good at compliments, that's all.'' I said finally looking up from my plate with bred and a little salad. 


''You shouldn't be...'' He said sending me a lovely smile. That smile got his eyes shining. He looked kinda cute that way. Okay Alyssa don't keep these thoughts get into your useless head. But it was hard, that hard that I for a second forgot all about Cherrie. 


''I see you're feeling better today ?'' He said like a question, but he was right. I was feeling much better today, but maybe i wasn't showing it that much, as I did yesterday. 


''Yeah a little....'' I said while playing with the last salad on my plate with a fork. Like I was frustrated about something, like I actually was. 


''That's good ! I mean-'' He was cut off mid sentence, by  the doors to the canteen shot close, and there where heard a lot of whispers and whining. I didn't know why, but it was something or someone behind me.


I quietly sent him a weird face, and saw how he got totally quiet starring at something. I slowly turned my back, so I could see what was going on, cause the other girls an a few boys in the canteen were freaking a little out, witch confused me. 


When my eyes cough, what everyone were starring at, I realized why they were staring. I think it was the famous Simon Cowell, a judge from the british x factor. I weren't watching the x factor, but I knew he was one of the judges, and a tough one. 


''Why is he here ?'' Nick whispered very low, that I nearly couldn't hear him. But I couldn't seem to find out why, cause who knows ? It could be everything !


''I don't know, why don't you ask him your self ?'' I asked quietly, not leaving the man a few meters away from me and Nick. 


I got very nervous, when Simon looked at me in the eyes. He stood a few seconds, before he started walking in the direction, where me and Nick sat. I felt my heart begging to race, cause he's very known and rich of what I've heard. 


When he got to the table, where me and Nick sat, I realized the two men behind him in suits with sunglasses on. I really didn't realize them, I was focused on Simon. 


''You're Alyssa right ?'' Simon asked with a shiny smile printed on his mouth. I really felt like, I was going in black, but held me up. 


''Ummm. Yes. That's me...'' I said fumbling with the words, so nervous was I. But did he look after me or something, since he asked for me. This were getting more and more weird, and I were getting more and more nervous. 


''Would you please come with me ?'' He asked politely, and smiled once again, but with a more warm and happy smile. I turned my face to Nick, he just looked at me and Simon with wide eyes. When Nick looked at me, he nodded slowly as a yes, for me to go. Like if it was ok for me leaving him here, to go with Simon. Maybe going to find out, what's going to happen. 



Hey ! 

This was the 4rd chapter of Life is hard, I really hope u liked it ! 

​And sry that I haven't updating these days, but I just haven't got the time. 

But now it's out, so I hope u enjoyed reading it. 

So if u like the little story, it would mean a lot to me, if you would like, fav or comment :) 

Even if u got some critic, I would love that ! 


-1D.Specials <3







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