This is a story about a boy named Jimmy who is convinced that he saw someone in the woods running away, someone that he'd never seen before. However, no matter how hard he tried to convince people, no one will believe him and his theories, stories and tales.
So when his close friend Freya suddenly starts to listen to his he becomes even more determined then ever to figure out if his impossible girl in white is real.
Filled with mystery, this story sets out to solve more then one case as he discovers a book filled with magical secrets of the past hidden away.
Could this be something to do with... 'HER' ?


1. Chapter 1

“I swear it’s true, every word, please just listen, I know what I saw.”
What’s going on?” called a girl approaching the crowd where I was sitting.
“Oh its Jimmy’s made up story” groaned Bill “Saying he saw… ‘IT’ again”
“It’s not an ‘IT’ it’s a girl and she’s really real, I swear!” I shouted over the crowd of laughter.  “Why won’t anyone believe me?”
That’s it. Just a normal day for me at school.  Nothing special, but I tell the truth, I never lie, it’s hard to know if your friends are actually friends at all. When I’m around, no-one ever believes me they never trust me because of her. She is real and I try to prove it every day.
It began two years ago when I was on my way home from school one day. It was a warm summer’s day, so, I fancied a stroll through the nearby woods. It wasn’t far but just nice. I suppose I may have travelled a bit of course but I ended up near the heart of the wood, I wasn’t bothered. I love nature and the woods are a perfect place for some peace and quiet after putting up with the average day at school. No one ever goes there, to the woods, they say they’ve all got ‘better things to do’ so alone I went on. I didn’t really look where I was going and then suddenly BUMP!  I fell to the floor. My foot caught on a tree root.
 It must have been my noise that disturbed the silence that followed, as I got up. I saw her, through the trees, a girl. I swear it, just a glimpse of a figure running quickly away through the trees. At first I thought it was someone from my village just messing around, but as curiosity grew I followed her as fast as I could. I ran and ran, I ran until she was no longer in my sight, by now I was tired and a bit nervous because I was lost in the thicket of the woods and had never strayed this far from the path before. Who was she? I needed to know.
But I never got to know she was like a shadow in my memory a picture I will never forget. But that’s all I got to. I must have fallen unconscious because I woke up the next morning on a hospital bed bandaged and bruised with my dad at my side looking quite concerned and nervous that I was in this state.
Like any parent he was full of questions “What happened? Where were you? Are you alright?”  I told him all I could about wanting to go for a walk, how I tripped, what I saw. Although like everyone else, he just didn’t believe what I said about her and ended by saying that I had bumped my head and had an over active imagination.
So this is how it’s been for two years now, just a story.
But that’s where it all began.

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