The Human Cullen (A Twilight story)

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There's a sister no one knew about. She comes forth in this story.


19. The Human Cullen (A Twilight story) Chapter Nineteen

I stood their not moving. They walked with caution toward us. They stopped a short way from us.

 “We thought we heard a game” said the man in the middle “I am Laurent. And these are Victoria and James.”

The one called James had blond hair that was tied back into a short ponytail. Victoria had red hair like a flame unlike mine. Laurent had dark skin and long black hair.

“I’m Carlisle” said Carlisle “This is my family. Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Esme, Rin, Edward and Bella.”

“Do you have room for a few more players?” asked Laurent

 “Actually we were just finishing up” said Carlisle “but we certainly be interested another time. Are you planning to stay in the area long?”

“We’re headed north” said Laurent “but we were curious to see who was in the neighborhood. We haven’t run into company in a long time.”

“No, this range is empty usually empty except for us and the occasional visitor like yourselves.”

He moved a little closer to me.

“What’s your hunting range” asked Laurent.

The tense atmosphere slowly subtended.  

“The Olympic Range here” said Carlisle “up and down the Coast Ranges on occasion. We keep permanent residence near by. There is another permanent settlement like ours up near Denali.”

Laurent rocked on his heels slightly.

“Permanent? How do you manage that?”There was curiosity in his voice.

“Why don’t you come back to our home and we can talk comfortably?” Carlisle invited “It’s a rather long journey.”

James and Victoria looked surprised at the word home.

“That sounds Vary interesting and welcome” said Laurent “We’ve been on the hunt all the way down from Ontario, and we haven’t had a chance to clean up in a wile.

“Please don’t take offence “said Carlisle “but we would appreciate it if you would refrain from hunting in the immediate area. We have to stay inconspicuous you understand.”

“Of course” Laurent nodded “We just ate outside of Seattle anyway.”

A shiver ran down my spin.

“We’ll show the way if you’d like to run with us- Emmett, Alice and Rin you can go with Edward and Bella to get the jeep” he said casually.

Three things seemed happened wile he was speaking. A slight breeze blew Bella’s hair. Edward stiffened. And James head suddenly whipped his head in their direction.

James lunched himself into a crouch. Edward bared his teeth. Crouching in defense, a snarl ripping from his throat.

I moved behind Jasper. It was a mistake to move at all. James head turned in my direction and then back to Bella. I grabbed Jasper’s arm in fear.

“What’s this” said Laurent looking at Bella and then at me hiding behind Jasper the best I could.

“They are with us” said Carlisle. Laurent seemed to catch our sent less powerfully then James, but awareness now dawned on his face.

“You brought snacks?” he asked as he took an inventory step forward.

“I said they are with us” said Carlisle in a heard voice.

“But they are human” said Laurent.

“Yes” said Emmet stepping forward next to my dad eyes on James. James slowly straitened out of his crouch. Edward stayed tense.

“It appears we have a lot to learn about each other” said Laurent.

“Indeed” said Carlisle.

“But w would like to accept your invitation” said Laurent “and of course we will not harm either human girl. We wont hunt in your range, as I said.”

Emmett backed away to block me.

“We will show you the way” said Carlisle “Jasper, Rosalie, Esme.”

Jasper peeled me off of him and Emmett took over. James backed away from us. Emmett pulled me on his back.

“Let’s go Bella” said Edward. We were at the jeep in no time Edward tossed Bella in the back seat. I sat next to her buckling myself in.

“Buckle her in” ordered Edward. Emmett buckled her in. Ed ward was speeding to the highway. He turned the opposite way. Away from Forks

“Where are we going?”asked Bella.

“I have to get you out of here” said Edward.

“Dammit Edward I demand to now where you are taking me” said Bella “Turn around you have to take me home” She shouted she started to tearing against the harness.

“Emmett” said Edward. Emmett Bella’s hands into his so she couldn’t move them.

 “No Edward no you cant do this” she said.

“I have to Bella now pleas e be quite.”

“I wont you have to take me back –Charlie will call the FBI. They’ll be all over your family- Carlisle and Esme will have to leave and hide forever.

“Calm down Bella” his voice was cold “We’ve been their before.”

“Not over me your not, your not ruing everything over me” she said.

“Edward pull over” said Alice speaking for the first time “lets talk this through.”

“You don’t understand” said Edward “He’s a tracker, Alice, did you see that? He’s a tracker.”

I seen Emmet stiffen.

“Pull over Edward” said Alice Edward didn’t slow only sped up “Do it Edward.”

“”Listen to me Alice. I saw his mind. Tracking is his passion, his obsession, He wants her, Alice- Her specifically. And he wants Rin too, just as much as he want Bella. He starts the hunt begins tonight.”

“He doesn’t know where-”

“How long do you think it will take him to cross her sent in town? He may not realize that Rin is apart of our family until he walks into our home. His plan was set before the words left Laurent’s mouth.”

I couldn’t bare the thought of him in my house. He would know by now, that I was apart of the family. And that Bella wasn’t.

“Charlie you cant leave him their. You cant leave him” said Bella

“She’s right” said Alice “Lets just look at our options for a minuet.”

“There is no other option” said Edward the car slowed down again.

“I’m not leaving Charlie” she yelled. He ignored her.

“We have to take her back” said Emmett.

“No” said Edward.

“He’s no match for us Edward. He wont be able to touch either of them.”

“He’ll wait” said Edward

“I can wait to” said Emmett smiling “He must know that he will not be able to touch Rin that’s a lost cause.”

“You didn’t see- you don’t understand. Once he committees to a hunt he’s unshakeable. We’d have to kill him.”

Emmett didn’t seem upset “That’s an option.”

“And the female. She’s with him. If it turns into fight the leader will go with them to.”

“There are enough of us.”

“There is another option” said Alice.

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