Whisper In My Ear

"Why the hell do you keep staring at me?" I snapped.
He always stares and never answers me. What is his problem?
Brushing a curl out of his face, he sighed heavily as if he was completely and utterly stressed out by my question.
"I know that you've been following me..." I whispered hesitantly.
He looked down at the ground, removing his hands from his pockets, and looked up again, his eyes dark, leaving me surrounded with fear.
"A-and I'm warning you, leave me alone, o-or else-"
With quick movement, he pushed me against the wall, towering me menacingly, his hands near both sides of my head.
His hot breath sent chills throughout my body, the green in his eyes claiming me as its slave.
"Oh would you just shut up," he whispered onto my lips. They were an inch away as he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.
"You're mine, and you'll always be mine, do you understand?"
That's when I slapped him.


1. Stalked

My name's Elizabeth, Elizabeth Hawkings.

I'm 19 and in college studying the medical world so that maybe one day I can become a pediatrician.

I'm a normal person, living a normal life, except for the fact that there's this guy that has been watching me for the past 7 years. And it creeps the hell out of me. 

He went to all of my grade schools, and throughout all of that time he hasn't spoken anything, not one word. The teachers would try to force him to speak, but he never would, and would run out of the class angrily, his mop of curls brushing his eyelids.

In freshman year, the teachers started to notice his attachment on me, but never brought it up. There was this one day that year, that I will never forget. Mr. Stevens pushed him too far...


"I told you to answer the question!" he snarled at him. He was scaring everyone, but that didn't seem to matter to him. Even the so-called "popular" kids thought that it was wrong to yell at him like that.

"Harry! I am tired of your behavior you immature brat! LISTEN TO ME NOW!"

Harry burrowed his head in his hands and surprisingly stood up, pushing the teacher out of the way roughly.

Mr. Stevens banged his head on a desk, and collapsed onto to the ground. 

"You little son of a bitch!" he yelled rubbing his forehead.

Most of the students in the class covered their ears while I just stared in awe.

Harry ran out of the classroom, and immediately Mr. Stevens looked over at me.

"Go after him!" 


"Go after him and bring him back!"

I was too frightened to even deny him so I stood up and ran out of the classroom. My instinct told me to go to the lobby and track him from there, but when I heard screams coming from the office, I rushed quickly towards it. 

The door was wide open.

Harry had pinned our principal Mr. Edwards down to the ground. The two secretaries cuddled each other, their eyes on the nearby phone. I could tell that they wanted to call for help. 

"Harry," I whispered as soothingly as I could. His eyes trailed off of the principal, and onto me, hate filled within them.

"It's okay, it's okay, I'm just here to help." I tried to gain his trust through our eyes, and it seemed like it was working.

Slowly, I neared him and the still pinned down principal, my goal being to get the principal out of Harry's grip. I knelt down once I was close to them, his eyes still glued with mine.

"It's alright, just let him go," I spoke gently.

When he didn't budge, I hesitantly moved my hand onto the top of his, stroking it a bit.

He looked down at my hand and breathed out, letting Mr. Edwards go steadily. 

He scrambled out of his grip and rushed over to the phone. I looked at him and shook my head slowly as it was ringing, trying to give him the sign of,"This isn't a good idea right now."

When he got the memo, he laid the phone back down and escorted the secretaries out of the office.

Harry was still staring at my hand.

"Hey, come on, let's go," I told him.

As I stood up, he pulled himself up, wrapping his arms around me firmly. It was like he was asking for my help in way. I rubbed his back and pulled away, looking into his green green eyes.

"I'm gonna go now, okay?" He shook his head rapidly. I gasped when he tightened his grip on me a bit.


For the rest of that day I had to stay with him in the office until his mom came to pick him up, which was at 10:32 at night. I think that her name is Anne but I seriously forget. I haven't talked or even looked at him since then. And maybe I should of. But I didn't.

Now he's just the creep of my life, following me everywhere I go. The mall, the park, the grocery story, you name it. Though he thinks I don't notice, I of course do. I'm afraid of him just a little because of that day, but I will confront him... one way or another.

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