The Man In The Machine

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  • Publiceret: 19 sep. 2014
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What if you were so smart you could actually build a working Time Machine, what would you do with it.

Adam Roberts is that smart a guy, he's built his very own time machine and he knows exactly what he'll do when he goes back into the past.

He's going to correct a mistake, not one that he made, but one he believes ruined his life.

Adam has tested the machine and knows it will work.

He knows when he's going and what he has to do when he gets there.


1. Love is Gone

He knew the story of how his parents met and the courtship leading up to their marriage; it was a very romantic story.


Too bad the rest of the story wasn't as sweet.


Too bad that he was the only child of a father who hadn't wanted any kids, too bad that his family had helped him conceal his battle with alcoholism and his gambling addiction from his mum and she didn't find out till after they were married.


Too bad that his mum proved to be too wrapped up in her own catholic guilt over not being enough to stop him needing those crutches to get through his obviously terrible life. Too bad she was always trying to help her useless husband to cover for him and make excuses for him to truly notice or love the boy they'd had.


The boy she had gotten pregnant with in the hopes of saving her marriage, saving her beloved dead beat husband from his addictions.


He was unsure whether or not it was a good or bad thing that they'd never had any more kids, at least that way he would've had a sister or brother to share his childhood misery with.


Maybe that was just selfish, maybe it was better he had to put up with them alone.


Which is how he'd always felt alone.


Which is why he grew up buried in his books he knew he was smart that he loved the sciences and mathematics, he loved every book factual or fiction regarding time travel.


He loved science fiction as well; he loved comics, TV shows and films


One movie above all others, Back to the Future, sure he loved Part's 2 and 3 but the first one was his all time favourite.


From the first time he ever saw it, he had liked the idea of going back into your own past to correct a mistake to improve your life in the present, even at six years old he wished he could do that. 


Doc was his favourite character in the film, from the first time he saw it. When logic told him at that age he should prefer Marty.


However, as much as he liked him he was nothing like Doc Brown and he didn't have a friend like Marty McFly to believe in him, trust him and accept his quirks, he had no one at all, not then and not growing up either where he was more like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Except he didn't have anyone like the other central characters he had no Leonard, Howard, Raj or Penny to keep his ego in check, so he grew up without friends and never had a girlfriend never had anyone to love and no one to love him back.


He buried himself in his work, he was the smartest person in any room and he knew it, and his genius took him far and he was able to leave his parents behind as he moved to the United States.


First as a student and then as a teacher eventually earning a full professorship at Harvard, the most prestigious University in America and second best in the world behind Oxford University in England.


He was able to use work as his excuse to miss visiting his dad when he was in hospital and then his funeral in 2007 when alcohol related liver damage finally ended his life, something his mum never forgave him for.


The argument over that forever ended their relationship and she disowned him and he in turn vowed never again would he see her under any circumstances, so he never visited her when she began to exhibit signs of dementia a year after his dad died.


He wasn't there when she was committed to a facility in 2010 and didn't attend her funeral when she died a few months later.


He just paid for the whole catholic service and for her ashes to be scattered in the garden of the local church where she spent so much time praying for his worthless father.


Despite never having truly felt loved by her, it was the realisation he was now truly alone in the world that led to him suffering a mental breakdown and his subsequent suicide attempt a few weeks after her death.


It was in the weeks after he began to recover while on leave from his position and while watching Back to the Future again for the one thousand, two hundred and thirty fourth time in his life that he decided he was going to build a time machine and change his own past for the better.


He decided the only possible way to undo the mess of his childhood would be to stop his parents getting married, and the only way to do it was by stopping them from ever meeting in the first place. Even if the end result would be that he would never be born.


He decided on a time machine that would look like the one Doc Brown built.


He had worked long and hard, studied quantum mechanics and temporal physics and now he finally had a practical use for it.


He built it, his very own time machine, and he set his plan in motion.


Inside a booth he'd built from scratch in a cupboard in an unused office close to his own office at Harvard, where he was the youngest professor at just twenty two years of age.


He was finally ready to go in himself, after numerous tests sending inanimate objects first and then he sent a cat and then a dog.


Sending things further into the past with every trial. First two minutes, then five minutes, then an hour then a day the week then a month.


Finally going back years until he sent the dog back decades.


The noticeable shift in the quantum resonance signature everything emits was proof that time travel had actually occurred.


Well, that and the unfortunate tendency to emit a magnetic frequency causing all living things to have metal objects stick to them. Never could figure out how or why that happened.


Well, at least it was only temporary.


Now it was his turn, the right time to carry out his plan he set the date thirty years in the past to the 3rd of July 1985.


He stepped inside the booth, he'd tried to put it inside a Delorean, but the mechanics of his device were to big to still make the car workable, so forget his dreams of getting up to 88 miles per hour then travelling back in time.


So he had to make do with the booth.


He locked the door and began turning the dials to set the day, the date, time and year.


At least he'd been able to set up the panel to look like the one in the Delorean.


The correct time set, he began the ignition sequence and as it heated up the chronometric particles began to filter through his body breaking him down at a molecular level and when he was nothing but atoms they were hurled back along the time stream.


Using a thirty year old DNA sequence from each of his parents, he arrived at the designated point in time his machine had created.


He was pulled back his molecules reassembled exactly where they'd dispersed, except thirty years earlier inside the closet he'd converted into his time machine.


He stepped out into the middle of a working office, much to the surprise of the teaching aides.


He managed to persuade them he was a student who'd been left in there overnight as a prank, before he set off to carry out his mission.

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