Mis fits

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  • Publiceret: 15 aug. 2014
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It's my plan to make a small collection of short story's (school assignment lenghts) about people, who feel like they are an outcast to society, or feel like they have to hide something about themselves.


1. Loretta

Loretta is standing on the porch, and the yellow light from inside the house reflects in her beautiful red hair. She giggles and gently pulls a lock of her soft hair behind her ear. She is talking to the man who might be her one true love. But he is not looking at her. He is talking about himself. What a waste.

She has the most amazing face. Her curvy and perfect red lips, the freckles on her cheeks, and her eyes, oh her eyes. Her eyes are like perfect blue diamonds, one look into her deep blue eyes, and you are under her spell.

The garden is full of beautiful flowers. Bushes with purple and white flowers, trees. White and pink flowers leads up the walls of this magnificent house. It is a purple-ish grey color with white details. The door is amazing handcraft. Each member of the family is carefully crafted in the elk tree door. Above the door is a real princess tower. I can only imagine that is where Loretta lives.

Inside the house Loretta's mom, Cheryl, is still clearing the table from the appetizer. They are having a dinner party, you see. Loretta's two little sisters are playing with their dolls by the windowsill, and the children of the other guests are playing tag around the tables. One of them ran into Cheryl, and then they had to go play somewhere else.

Loretta is wearing a long blue dress. It looks amazing on her, and it really brings out her eyes. The man she is talking to is wearing a white shirt stuffed in his black pants. Nothing compared to her dress. Her dress has a thin purple ribbon around her waist, tied in a perfect bow. Her hair goes all the way down to the ribbon and curls in a perfect spiral.

Loretta has always been a very bright girl, but most people only see her for her looks. I do not. I am in love with her. Why would you think that I would stand here, looking at her, on a Saturday evening? But she will never like me back. I am a girl. What would people not think? A nice, rich girl, together with a girl. Even so, a girl like me. Do you see that heart on the tree? I carved that. She told me about it, she does not know that I made it. I could never tell her. I am forced to creep around and hiding my love.

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