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  • Publiceret: 15 aug. 2014
  • Opdateret: 15 aug. 2014
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Alexa is a witch. Her parents disappeared after revolt in the wizard society years back. Since then she's been desperately looking for answers, that doesn't seem to exist. But one day she meets a wizard, who might have all the answers she's been looking for, and a dangerous chase begins.


5. Reunited

“It worked!” Chris said. He went to one of the wizards and checked his pulse, “And they are still alive”. I sank down on the floor completely drained from having used so much energy to make the wave. Before I could do anything else someone came running down the stairs. My sight was blurry but I knew the voice, “What have you done, you filthy children! This was my lifework and you will pay for this with your precious lives and so will your parents!” Theodor Vandran screamed. Chris turned to him and sent a flash light against him, but Vandran was faster and hit back. Chris flew to the other end of the room and ended as a lifeless pile on the floor. “Chris!” I yelled, but he didn’t answer. Just as Vandran was about to send me in the same direction something hit him from behind and he fell down. Fleur was standing behind him with her high heels in her one hand and sparks of light coming out of the other. She had killed him. “Fleur, what are you doing here? Didn’t they inject you?” I said. She ran cross the room heading towards the still lifeless Chris. “No, I pretended to be sedated and escaped. I’ve been trying to find your parents. I overheard some of the Clan-members talk about how Vandran have been keeping them hostage for years while Dr. Stern developed the injections. He wanted to turn them into his slaves. Something about irony of fate. And Alexa, I’m so sorry that I didn’t believe you when you told me your doubts about The Clan. But we can talk later. If you want your friend here to stay alive I have to heal him now”. 

I watched Fleur as she kneeled down next to Chris and put her hands on his temples. White light streamed out from her palms. After almost a minute Chris finally opened his eyes. “What happened?” he said.

After explaining Chris what had happened we tried to figure out how to find our parents without risking running into still living members of The Clan or wizards who hadn’t gotten the antidote. Suddenly the gate that Chris and I had come through, but Vandran hat erased, reappeared and it opened. One after one nine people came out. They looked exhausted and weak and some of them could barely stand up. Suddenly one of them looked at me and whispering: “Alexa, is that you?” The woman was dressed in old clothes covered in dust from the tunnel. Her face was thinner and the bones had become visible on most of her body, but I knew it was my mother in the minute I saw her. My father was right behind her and I heard Chris’ outburst when he found his parents.

The fact Theodor Vandran and his army had nearly killed me didn’t matter because I had found my parents and they were alive, despite what I had been told for the last four years. 

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