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  • Publiceret: 15 aug. 2014
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Alexa is a witch. Her parents disappeared after revolt in the wizard society years back. Since then she's been desperately looking for answers, that doesn't seem to exist. But one day she meets a wizard, who might have all the answers she's been looking for, and a dangerous chase begins.


2. Interrupted

I walked along the tall shelves filled with books. Some of the books were placed so high that you would need a ladder to get to them. I walked to the north end of The London Library and found the shelves with encyclopedias in alphabetic order and I carefully checked that no one was watching. I held up my fingers in front on me and focused my energy. The glittery blue light twisted though my fingers. I let the magic push the huge shelves away from each other, revealing the white wall. I whipped the magic against it. The wall started to get blurry and a mirror-like circle appeared. I stepped into the circle and when my feet hit the floor on the other side of the mirror I turned around, clapped my hands together and watched the shelves slide back to their right places and the circle disappeared.

I realized that besides a few old wizards studying botanic witchcraft I was about the only one in the secret magic part of the library. I walked straight to the department with books about The Clan. Books with titles like “Mortal and destructive magic in the last twenty years” and “Demonology as a weapon” caught my eye and before I knew it I had a pile of books, that I hardly could carry.


After about two hours of reading I sat hopelessly at the table and stared at nothing. As every time I went to the library I had hoped to find some information about what had happened to my parents or something about The Clan and Theodor Vandran.

Suddenly someone next to said: “Pretty heavy stuff you’re reading, huh’?” I hadn’t heard the person arrive. I looked up a saw a boy around my age maybe older, sitting on the table with his legs dangling over the edge, whilst he flicked through the book about demonology. “You look like you would rather be reading Vogue while drinking expensive latte, than reading this” he said and blinked at me. “Uuh, you hit me where it hurts the most” I said, “Do I know you?”

“Sure” he said “we have like four classes together at the academy”. I looked at him and vaguely remembered him. “But since you’re never there, it explains why you clearly have no idea who I am” he continued with a laugh.

I collected the books I had read and went to put them back on their shelves. I looked over my shoulder and saw him right behind me. “So are you my personal stalker now or what?” I said and looked at him. “Well you didn’t answer my question,” he said. “I don’t think I owe you to answer your annoying questions!” I said. I had placed all the books and headed against the exit. When I came outside of the library I turned around and he nearly bumped into me. “Seriously, stalker-guy, you have got to stop following me around,” I said. He kept looking at me and I gave up. “Okay, listen, if you really want to know. There’re two reasons why I hardly ever come to classes at the academy. 1. I hate the place. 2. I don’t have time to go to classes at the academy, because when I finally get out there…” I explained but was interrupted by the guy: “…then the library is closed” he finished my sentence and continued “Yearh, I had that problem too at first, but then I unlike you, accepted that there’s no information in those books, so I approached a less conservative way to find information about what The Clan is doing”.

I stared at him and I slowly realized that I had found another person who hated The Clan just as much as I did. “Tell me everything you know”, I said.

“Okay, I have been studying The Clan for years. Wait before I tell you anything, my name is Christopher, but you can call me Chris….”, he said.


Later that day I was lying on the floor of the living room staring at the ceiling. I had no idea how to comprehend the information Chris had given me. He had told me that his parents were among the members of The Clan who had disappeared four years ago, just as my parents had.

He had broken into the headquarter of The Clan in London and found some kind of laboratory slash creepy dungeon under the actually headquarter, but before he had been able to found out what was going on he had nearly been caught and had to escape. Desperately to find out what The Clan was hiding I had agreed to meeting Chris tonight to check out the headquarter, while the members had their monthly conference with the adult wizards of London.

I had no idea what The Clan was hiding, but I hoped that it could help me find out what happened to my parents. 

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