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  • Publiceret: 15 aug. 2014
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Alexa is a witch. Her parents disappeared after revolt in the wizard society years back. Since then she's been desperately looking for answers, that doesn't seem to exist. But one day she meets a wizard, who might have all the answers she's been looking for, and a dangerous chase begins.


3. Dungeon

The sky was almost black and the stars were showing as I arrived at the street corner where Chris had told meet him at eleven o’clock. The wetter was cold for September and I shivered. Near the headquarter most of the streets were practically empty. It was placed in a less trafficked neighborhood. I looked at my cellphone to check the time as I had done every two minutes since I arrived and for every minute my nerves had gotten more frayed. It was a quarter past eleven. Suddenly I heard a sound behind me like if someone had taking a picture with an old-school camera. Some one had flashed themselves here with magic. Instantly I turned around already with magic flooding through me like adrenalin. Impulsively I held up my hands with the blue light on my fingertips ready to defend myself. In the second I turned laughter appeared and I was looking right into Chris’ eyes. “Be careful with that fast reactivity”, he said and pointed at the magic twisting through my fingers, “It’s probably nice if a demon attacks, but you could also risk hurting someone who’s not that evil.”

“Oh, you mean you or what? How funny. Have you been nominated for funniest guy on earth yet?”, I said, “And you’re late. I have been waiting for almost 20 minutes!”

“Well, you know it’s better to arrive late, than to arrive ugly”, he said.


The corridors under the headquarter was about the creepiest thing I had ever seen. There were no lights, so we were edging along the cold stonewalls. Chris had made a hole in the sidewalk with magic. We had crawled through the hole and into a tunnel with just enough space to crawl on all fours. The tunnel had ended in these corridors and we where now heading towards the dungeon Chris had discovered the last time he had been here.

My eyes were getting used to the dark and I could see some kind of entrance at the end of the corridor. I realized Chris was way ahead of me and already at the door. “It seems like some one has placed metal bars on the other side of the door”, he said, “We’ll have to break it down with magic”.

Chris let the magic hit the door with a smash and it finally fell down with a loud crash and lights from the room next door blinded us. For about ten seconds we were both standing completely still expecting someone to come running.

“We should go in then I guess”, Chris said. Carefully I stepped over the door lying on the ground and followed Chris. The walls in the room we entered were grey. There were hardly any furniture except for a chair in the middle that reminded me of the chairs they always had at dentists, but this one seemed much more terrifying. On a tray next to the chair there were about ten long needles filled with some gooey purple substance. I shivered and looked around the room and decided that it had to be some kind of lab.

Suddenly I heard a door open into another room and I looked at Chris. He had already taken a big screen next to the chair and brought in front of the broken door and dragged me behind it. Two seconds after the door opened. Through the cracks of the screen I watched a doctor-like person and a member of The Clan dragging a person that looked half sedated with a bag over the head between them. They pushed the person into the chair. The Clan-member said: “You can take it from here right doctor?” The doctor nodded and said, “Yes, Titus. Once the drugs are in her system she will obey every order we give her”. Titus smiled and said, “Excellent, then I will go get the next one”.

I looked at Chris and he looked just as shocked and horrified as I felt. The doctor had taken one of the needles from the table. He held it against the girl in the chairs elbow, but suddenly stopped and said “Well, let’s have a look at that pretty face as I make you into our demonic slave”. He grabbed the bag over her head over pulled it away. Blonde curls feel onto her shoulders. Then I screamed and pulled the screen away. “Get away from her you disgusting creep!” I screamed and pushed the needle that could make Fleur into a slave forever, out of his hand. Chris came running and tried to stop me.

The doctor didn’t panic at all. He smiled and said: “That’s a terrible nasty way to speak to your childhood doctor. You should have some respect, Alexandra”. I stared at him, unable to say a word or even think of something to say. Pictures of my childhood were flashing by in my head and with horror I recognize him. But before I could say or do anything Chris pushed me aside and said “Dr. Stern. What are you doing? What’s going on? I don’t understand! You were the doctor at the academy. Every wizard child’s doctor.”

“Well, hello to you too Christopher. And yes you’re absolutely right; I was the doctor at the academy. But when The Clan wants you as member, you can’t decline. Well, of course, it was only possible to get in because both of your parents disappeared, so in some way I guess I can thank you. But that will have to be later, because right now I have called for security and my dear Alexandra and Christopher, it’s doubtful that you will get away from them alive. Our new security is much more… determined… and obedient” 

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