Zack the rap master

Its a cool story about a rapper.


1. Zack the rap master

Zack the rap master

Zack is a young man, who had a tough life. His dad left him, when he was born and his mom died, when he was 13 years old. He lived in the streets and under bridges with a few other parentless kids. They didn’t go to school or work, so they had to steal or beg to survive. They began to be bored by doing nothing, so they began to practice freestyle rap. They became quite good and started taking part in competitions, but the older kids always beat them. Zack and the other kids felt like brothers, but after a year living in homemade shelters under a bridge, Zack met a married couple. They talked a lot, and for a whole week the couple came with food for Zack. They began to care for Zack and Zack did the same for them, so the couple adopted Zack. He wasn’t very happy to leave his “brothers”, but he did it. They luckily lived close to the bridge, where he had lived, and Zack was very happy for that. He visited his “brothers” almost every day and they still practiced their rap. Zack wanted to try something new, so he began to write his own badass rap. He finished the song after a half year. It was also about this time, where he started in school. He actually had a good time with his new parents. Zack grew bigger and older. He took a driver license without mistakes and started to plan to move out from his new parents.

Then one day something terrific happened. His parents were walking alone in the streets, when suddenly two black dressed men with ski mask assaulted them. His parents couldn’t do anything and ended up murdered. The police found only a medium sized knife, where the name Balthazar was scraped into. Zack had an idea of who had carried out the murder and became really mad. He thought it must be an old boss of him. Zack had dealt some drugs for him, but had lied about, how much he sold it for, so he could keep more money for himself, but Balthazar must had found out. The cops couldn’t find Balthazar or do much, because it is his nickname and quite hard to find. So now Zack took the case in his own hands. One day Zack was sitting and searching for information on different mafia bosses, he tried to rap his first song, he ever made. He was still good and suddenly he realized, he got massive strength meanwhile, he rapped the text. He went out and tried to lift his car, but he couldn’t, then he tried rapping meanwhile and he lifted it like it was a feather. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. He sat the car down and drove out in the town to find his old dealing mate, to ask for some information about Balthazar. Zack found him and pulled him into an alley. He started rapping and pulled his car in front of the alley, so nobody could enter or leave it. When Zack’s old dealing mate saw it, he asked frightened what he wanted from him and what he could do. Zack told him state Balthazar’s address, but he told he didn’t know it. Zack got madder, started to rap and broke his left leg and asked again. This time the answer was different. He gave Zack the address on Balthazar’s right hand, Steve. Zack told him to not tell anybody what had happened or he will come back and make his life awful. He rapped his text, moved the car and drove to the address. Here he found a house protected with two guards in front of the door. His anger made him act before think, so he started rapping, took a random car and pulled the door off it and then threw the car at the guards. Then he ran into the house with the door he had pulled off, using it as a shield. Out of the house 2 men ran out with guns and shoot against Zack. Zack kept rapping and then threw the door against them and killed them both. Now he ran into the house and found Steve. The man pulled a gun, but Zack was faster and threw a chair at him. He got knocked down and asked begging for what Zack wanted. Zack told him about the murder and wanted to know where Balthazar lived. Steve said he didn’t know anything about it and wouldn’t tell Balthazar’s address. Zack got furious and started to break every single finger on his hands and asked again. Steve still didn’t want to talk, then Zack broke both his arms and said “it will hurt more next time!” Steve was rolling around with pain and said silently Balthazar’s address. Zack thanked him, but asked him, if he had helped with the murder. He cried out “No!” and Zack yelled he was a liar. Zack started rapping again and hit Steve in the head. Steve went out like a light. Zack went out to his car and drove to a hotel. At the hotel he thought back in time, where he had freestyled with his “brothers”. The first few freestyles he tried to rap didn’t went well, but then he made a good one and discovered something mysterious. Meanwhile he freestyled, the clock didn’t move. He then moved to the window and tried again. He realized all the cars on the road stood still and he were very surprised. He never thought something like this could happen, but now it is happening. He went to bed with different thoughts. He was wondering how the following day was going to be.

The sirens of a car waked Zack with a shock. He took his things and left. He found the address and watched it from distance. A few guards were walking around the house and two guards were watching from the roof. He tried freestyling, to see if they would stop, and they did. Meanwhile he was freestyling, he ran against the guards, who was walking around the house. Zack broke the neck on the first and second guard and knocked the third out. It was easy done, when they didn’t move. He went into the house and saw Balthazar with one guard next to him, so he quickly started freestyling and ran over to the guard and took him down. He also took Balthazar’s gun while he couldn’t move. Zack stopped freestyling, so Balthazar could speak and see what was happening. He was in shock. Zack yelled at him, and told him, he had messed with the wrong guy.  Zack began to rap to get his strength and started breaking his legs and arms. He pulled out the knife, which Balthazar had used on the murder on his parents, and said he wanted his revenge. He stabbed him to death, leaved the house and drove away. He moved out from the country, found a little house and settled down. He also found a lovely wife and they lived happily ever after with peace in their mind.


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