People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


1. New brother

Darcy's POV

So I guess I'm getting a new brother. I would be happy if he wasn't the most stuck up brat at my school, Justin Bieber.

He hates everyone , except his douche friends and his girlfriend . He loves picking on teens like me and my friends.

Today my Dad invited him and his mum over . I wish it wasn't today because I have a huge test to study for, and I know he hates to study. I really like his mum, she's perfect for my dad. I just hate Justin . But I'm a sweet smart girl, I shouldn't hate on people, no matter how bad they are.

"Darcy! They're here !" Dad calls I straighten my blue dress and run downstairs to see Justin looking at a picture of me and my mum right before she got cancer. He looked at me and glared. I smiled back at him.

"Hello Darcy!" Pattie says swooping me into a hug.

"Hi Pattie!" I say back "Hi Justin." I say flatly with a grin He just looked at me"Justin..." Pattie says warning him

"Hello Darcy." He says coldly

"Dad I've got to study for a test with Liam later." I tell him

"Liam Payne? He is a nice young man." My father approves of all my friends, I'm glad for that.

"Why don't you bring Justin along with you? It would be a great way of getting along." Pattie asks

I want to say no but I have to agree to it. I want Pattie to think good of me.

We sit down to eat the dinner I prepared earlier with my friend Harry Styles. Secretly I have a crush on Harry . But I would never tell him .

It was a quiet dinner, not a lot of speaking. Soon enough it was time for me to go. I run up stairs and change into some jeans and a white crop top. I grab my keys and say good bye.

Justin follows slowly behind me."Yo, can I drive?" He asks taking my keys. I'm kinda scared cause he is a dangerous driver.

We head to the park I was meeting the boys at . Justin stops and pushes me out of the car and drives off.

Are you kidding me he just stole my car! I look around to see Liam and Louis studying at our favorite bench. My book was in the car, great. No car , no book!

"Liam ! Louis!" I yell running to them

"Darcy? What's wrong ?" Liam asks "Justin Bieber stole my car!" I pant from running" Why was he in your car in the first place?" Louis asks

"His mom asked me to take him with me and he took my keys, threw me out of the car and drove off." I explain

"Well, let's get us a car back!" Louis says pulling out his phone calling the rest of our group.

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