The Death of Jade

when Julie's sister goes missing strange and spooky things start happening to her like the way she keeps having accidents like injuring herself in gymnastics. what will happen to her if this keeps happening? will she eventually have an accident so bad she dies?


1. A spooky old man

10 year old Jade had always been a happy and joyful girl until she got sick she would always be happy about anything, and she could always make people smile. But her older sister Julie wasn't ever happy she was always grumpy and mean and never liked that Jade got all the attention. So one day as Julie was walking home she passed old man Durham's place, she had heard that he could grant any wish, to day she was in a particularly bad mood about Jade so she decided to see if what people said was true. As she walked up to the door she got spooked but she didn't want to be a scaredy cat so she knocked. She heard a small old voice inside say "come in" so she grab the knob and turned it. what she saw inside was so scary she nearly screemed, in front of her was a old man who looked to be 1000 years old. this man had blood dripping down his face coming from a non-existent hole in his forehead. She had heard stories about him but she hadn't expected this. Gathering up her courage she asked him if it was true that he could grant wishes. He replied " I can't grant wishes but i can ask the shadows if they will grant you a wish, But i am warning you if your wish goes bad or turns opposite you cannot reverse it even with another wish." Julie thought about it and replied " Please ask the shadows about a wish." The old man nodded and said to her " Come back tomorrow and i will have an answer." Julie nodded and left out the front door and headed home, thinking to herself how spooky that old man was and wondering who the shadows were. 

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