Cover Store (OPEN)

Welcome to our cover store. If you ask us to make a cover, please at least use it for at least a week.

*Cover for this store is subject to change*


1. Form and Rule

Cover for the shop made by me (@strontium )

I'm the only designer available



+ Please be patient, some covers (mostly manips) take a while to make so please bear with us.

​+ Please when giving ideas, try not to be vague. This way we have a better idea on what you want.

+ Try not to give impossible requests, we make covers okay we aren't some magician or miracle worker - 

some ​pictures you request may be really hard for me to find so try to just give general ideas.

+ Also if you give us pictures please try to find PNGs, just go to google or deviantart and search for the

png you want.

+ Please be nice, rudeness will not be tolerated.

+ I and the other graphic designers have all rights to deny requests.

+ So you know when your cover has been posted, it is advised that you favourite this book.

+ Please use this form, it will be easier for us to understand.




+ Title:

+ Subtitle (optional):

+ Author:

+ Ideas:

+ Pictures (optional):

+ Cast (optional)

+ Genre:

+ Mood:

+ Anything else:



It does take a while for me to find my resources especially with the new rule so other than you using my cover I'm asking for a simple payment which is giving me credit in your story and following me. 

- strontium


Please use our cover for at least a week. We spend a lot of time on these and it would mean a lot if you took the time to follow us or read one of our books, because we put a lot of effort and time into these covers so at least a little help will be nice :) You can request a specific person to do a cover if you like :)


It could emily45798 or strontium, LittleMissFandoms or JezzaRat

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