how long?

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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så her er en lille historie jeg hurtigt skrev igår aftes. den er ikke ret lang men jeg vil blive glad hvis i gider læse den og give lidt feedback ^^


1. how long?

This is a story about a girl.

The true story.


You know how they say that the girl with the biggest smile is actually the one with the saddest story???


each scar covering her body and soul holds so much pain it's unbearble.


This girl has been thruogh so much, everyday she does her best to hide her tears behind a smile, feeling like a prisoner in her own life, just waiting to be free.


Sometimes when the memories comes too close and she just wants to give up, she tries her best to stand strong, but it's not easy not when everyone around her kicks her when she's already down.


Everyday she's trying to find who she is and everyday she fails.


She's dreaming herself off to a place far away,

far from reality.

Far from the beatings and the fears.


Happily joking about the bruises on her arms saying she's a klutz, she got em in her sleep.


How long can she hide?

How long till she breaks?

How long till the insanity, lurking in the dark?

How long till she falls apart?.....

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