Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


3. Werk.

Emily's P.O.V

I wake up to my alarm blasting "Heart Attack" By Demi Lovato. Ugh fuck mornings I mumble. When I get to the bathroom i start playing pandora and once I get out i put on acid washed jeans,plain black tee. Then I put on mascara and eyeliner and finish doing my hair, by the time i'm done Lacie is bouncing into my room. " sup bitch " i asked she just laughed and said "nothin much ass." We run out to Lacie's car going to work. Starbucks.☕️

Lacie's P.O.V

We get there and start working. Iggy Azalea's song "Work" comes to mind " work,work,work, working on my shit" Then a kid that flirts with almost every single girl came in. So he asks "can I have a Carmel Frap and a side of you" i tell Frank( barrister) the order and once I get the Frap i write on it "in your dreams" "Tristan" i say bluntly. He comes up and takes the cup and reads it and gives me a confused look and to tie it off i winked at him. The Emily comes over and high fives me. Well back to work we go.

Luke's p.o.v

I was tuning my guitar then Calum and Michael walk in. Me and Ashton were already messing around so i went and messed with Mikey and cal. I go and get the manager and tell him the plan, he agrees almost immediately. We walk back towards the boys and he booms "where have you two been" he says to cal and Mikey started giving each other weird looks and i just tried not to laugh and smile. "You're 5 minutes late" he continues. Mikey and cal look scared and i nod at the manager signaling to stop. The manager starts laughing, cal and Mikey look at him confused i cough out "prank" and they finally got it. The manager leaves laughing and we go on rehearsing.


Sorry for the short chapter I've been busy with volleyball and stuff so yea plz continue to read!! Oh yea and if u guys like this name i can call u the hoods well peace baaaiiiii.

~Emily Hood~

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