Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
  • Opdateret: 25 okt. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


7. The dates

Lacie's POV

i walk into Emily's place and ran into Emily's room. I didn't want Luke seeing me yet. Emily walks in "What got you into a rush." She asks kinda says. "Luke. I don't want him to see me yet." I say and the door opens and i dive under her bed. "Hey Em." A voice says. "Hey boo." She says. Um... Hell to the no. "Umm I'm your boo." I say and the voice person gets on the floor. "Hai Cal!" I yell seeing the idiot before me. "Hey Lacie." He smiles "Umm Emily does this look good? I wanna look good for my date with your gorgeous best friend." Luke say walking in. I hold in my giggle. "Ask my gorgeous best friend" Emily says pointing under the bed. I poke my head out and look at Luke. "Casual. I like it." He blushes. He kicks Cal over to lay in front of me. "Wear what you have on gorgeous." He winks and i blush a little "Now Luke, why don't you take the dipshit with you?" Emily asks and Cal laughs. "Ahem all this isn't a dipshit" i motion my body "I'll take her." He smiles.

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