Luke's Little Sister

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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


5. The Answer

Lacie's POV

"Lacie will you go on a date with me?" OMG did he seriously ask me that?! Before I knew it i said "i would love to." At that answer a big smile spread across his face. He smiled and said "Great I'll come by tomorrow wear something thats fun. Cause guess what!" "What?" I asked

"That's all I'm gonna tell you!!"

Yay I'm going on a surprise date!!

Emily's POV

OMG my big bro has a girly friend and i like this girly friend!!

"Awwww that was adorable!"

"Agreed" all of them said in adoration.

Then all of a sudden i heard footsteps and i yell whispered "RUN" i said to the boys and we ran to my room and i sat on my bed and so did the boys and turned the tv on and then Lacie came in and screamed "I HAVE A SURPRISE DATE WITH LUKE FUCKING HEMMINGS!!!"

I sorta giggled and she shot me a look the one that says what-are-you-laughing-at? Like one of those looks.

I said "your outburst was HILLARIOUS!"

She giggled a bit and whispered "sorry"

Luke's POV


She said yes she actually said yes

Shes just so beautiful my sister Emily actually said that she has had her heartbroken so i thought about the song "Heartbreak Girl"

She seamed so happy when I asked her and I'm happy we are all happy.

Later that night i bumped into cal and i asked "Dude if your gonna stare at my little sister ask her out and then stare at her that's right i know that you like her and I'm cool with it but if you hurt her i will be so mad." I said and he replied "i was actually going to ask her tomorrow."

"Good" i said well its time for sleep tonight i will go to sleep happy

Emily's POV

I heard Luke and cal talking but i didn't pay any attention cuz i was tired so i ran into the living room where everyone was now sitting and i asked "WHO WANTS TO CUDDLE!!!???" And of course cal said he would i swear this kid has cuddle issues!

So I went to my room and i already had my pjs on so i launched myself into bed then after me cal jumped in bed which made me bounce i said "That.was.AWESOME!!!" He just laughed and I said night to cal and we cuddled.


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And thats it have fun my hoods

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