Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


10. hair and other changes

Michaels POV

Ugh i hate mornings i woke up cause i smelled tea it smelled perfect "Emily" i thought out loud she always makes the best tea so i went down the stairs and saw Lacie with a cup of tea in her hands i said "oh no you woke up Lacie!!!!" She laughed i sat down and Emily gave me a cup of tea and said out of the blue "hey mikey would you be a dear and come get your hair dyed with us?" I smiled and said "I have taught you two well my little grasshoppers." She laughed and said "i will take that as a yes!?" "Sure" i say she and Lacie do their little happy dance so off we go! Once their we are asked to sit in chairs "we will be right with you" said the girl named Lily Then a different lady walked up to me Lacie and Emily and they each asked what colour we wanted our hair Lacie said "a pastel red please." Emily said "a blue and purple ombre please." Then i said "a pastel Lime green please." Then they got to work. Once we were done Emily and Lacie wanted to get matching tattoos and lip rings dang they were growing up so we went to the tattoo parlor Emily said "we would like a tattoo on our shoulders which will be a heart with together on my shoulder and forever on her shoulder." Lacie was wearing one of Luke's tanks and Emily was wearing one of cals tanks they went to were they do the tattoos and after a bit they came out and showed me i actually really liked it. Now off to the piercing parlor! Once we got there they told the lady they wanted lip rings and she took them with her and then they came out with lip rings Emily's had a hawkeye on it and Lacie's had batman on it i really liked those too. We then went out for lunch at McDonald's we the went to the park and played then home now to find out what ash cal and Luke will think!

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