Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister



Lacie's P.O.V

I get out of my car fixing my Janoskians shirt and i see Luke kicking around his football (soccer) "Hey Luke" i smile and he looks up at me and smiles "Hey Lacie" and kicks the ball towards me. I kick it back to him and he looks at me surprised "Mikey's my brother" i laugh and he kicks it back to me then i kick hard towards him "LACIE GET UP HERE!!! STOP HANGING OUT WITH THE IDIOT!" Emily yells from her window. "See ya later Luke." I smile kicking the ball to him and he smiles. I run inside to Emily looks at me with a devious smile. "You like Luke." She smirks

Luke's POV

After Lacie left i couldn't stop smiling... Dammit, i like Michael's little sister. I hear Emily say "You like Luke." What the? "Okay i do but he probably doesn't like me. That way." Lacie replies. I grab my phone and text all the guys to come over. "Hey Luke? Wanna play FIFA? Emily fell asleep." Lacie asks kicking the ball towards me. I smile and reply "Sure" and i kick the ball towards her and it pops up and somehow she catches it. I smile and we walk inside. I hand her a controller and turn on the Xbox. We were finishing the match and we were tied. I look over at Lacie who was focused on the game. "Go. Go. Go. YES! IN YOUR FACE!" Lacie yells and i look at the screen. WHAT?! She beat me! Right then the door opened "Why did you need us here?" Mikey asks looking at his phone. "Uhh i need to talk to you guys in private. Band stuff." I say and we walk into towards the stairs and the other boys walk in. "Lacie, i call for a rematch later." I smile at Lacie then the guys close the door and follow me up to my room. We get in my room and i shut the door behind us "Dude, you like Lacie." Cal smirks. I stand frozen looking at Mikey. He looks at me and smiles. "Yeah, i do." I smile like a goof. "Well go ask her out mate, I'm ok with it." Michael smiles and i nod. I walk out of my room and i see Lacie sitting on the couch. "Hey Lacie can... Can I talk to you?" I ask and she nods

Calum's PoV

Once Luke leaves we dart to Emily's room. I flop onto the bed and i hear a groan from under me "Come on Luke is going to ask Lacie out." I whisper and we both get up and we run down the hallway to listen

Luke's POV

"Lacie will you go on a date with me?"

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