Luke's Little Sister

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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


16. Alasia <3

Luke's POV

"Emily they're here!!" I yell

I look out to see Lacie and the One Direction lads running up. I peck Lacie on the lips and pulled them inside.

Lacie looks at Alasia with caring eyes, she sits on the floor by Alasia and introduces herself.

"Hi I'm Lacie, whats your name?"

"Alasia! Im five!" She smiles back at Lacie.

I smile "Well Luke, you've got a keeper." Niall pats my back.

I just nod, smiling.

Lacie stands up and pulls emily away to another room

Lacie's POV

"Emily wheres her parents?" I ask about the sweet little girl.

"Oh, um they left her... Two years ago?" She says scratching her neck.

Astonished, i think of someway to give her a home. WAIT. Im 18! (My birthday was in September)

"Im going to adopt her." I say and run out.

"Hey Alasia? Um this is a weird question but do you want me to be your mommy?" I ask the little girl.

"Yes!" She smiles and hugs my legs

"Yay!" I say as I hug her back "how about me you and Emily go shopping?" "I would love to!" Alasia said "alright let me go tell Luke something and we'll be on our way!" Emily said

Emily's POV

I quickly went to Luke "hey Emily remember on the phone you said that you would tell me later,well now's later tell me." He demanded "Uggghhhh do I have to?" I asked "ok so when i came back from Lacie's i saw something that hurt me very badly ok bye!" "Wait Emily!" Luke yelled after me "What did Calum do this time Emily?" He asked sadness written all over his face "i caught him kissing some other girl." I told him i let a tear fall "Is that why you wanted me to kick him out." I didn't say anything just nodded. "Well when you left that day i came home and he was playing acoustic." "What song?" I asked "Amnesia." He quietly mumbled "And where is he now?" "He's at the One Direction house." He said

"Ok well I got to go bai bro." I said He quick grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a hug "I'm so sorry Emily i love you so much." He said to me i quickly said "you too." And off we went.

As I walked to the living area i quickly asked both Alasia and Lacie "hey Can we stop and see someone missing out on our fun?" I looked at Lacie she had a weird face on because before she came i had texted her telling her what had happened with me and Cal. "Sure!" Alasia said i looked at Lacie "Ugh fine lets go "I CALL DRIVING!" I screeched so she could hear me. Off we went.

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