Live To Win

In the past century there was a place called Topia in this place there lived 4 great high ranked demons. It is in the time of Black Butler if you've seen the show if not in the century where there lived a queen. The problem is one of those demons are better then all. She can out run them very well. To not spoil it, please read this book. (Trying my best for the girl perspective am I guy so I don't know hope I'm doing fine)


1. Shock

"Milady, please wake up. It's time for breakfast."

I mumbled, unfurling up the shades to let the room irradiate. The serene reveals ashen clouds obscuring the gleaming sun, much to my dismay.
"Hnng . . . alright." Elizabeth yawns in a light-hearted tone. She stretches for a quick moment before retreating out of the bed.
"Your bath is ready, Milady." I bobbed a deep obeisance towards her.
"Thank you, my dearest maid." A faint smile crept upon her lips. I stand rooted by the bathroom door.
"Prince Ramon will stop over." I announced, audible enough to hear.
"Very well, then. Please hand me the towel." Her tone remains impassive.
I presented her a neat and tidy towel and off she enters into the bathroom. As soon as I hear the shower roar to life, I resume on arranging Milady's large, double bed.
She exits the bathroom with a satisfied expression.

I mouth "Milady" one last time before assisting her in slipping to her viridescent sundress.
She smells heavenly—redolent, indeed. I brush her jet black hair gently but firm, leaving it assuringly uncurved as she blankets her feet with matching flats. She finishes and I extend the sort for her to step out of her boudoir as we perambulate in silence.
"Lydia . . ." She declares, breaking the rather, awkward atmosphere.
"Milady . . ." I replied with uneasiness.
"About how long will the contract last?"
"Until Milady's time of quietus."
"Is that so . . ." She murmurs as we reached into the dinning table. I pulled out the chair for her, my instinctive manners giving in.
"I'll be right back." I muttered before sauntering toward the kitchen. Assembling a tray of chicken soup with mashed potatoes on the side and a supply of herbal tea, I reoccur into Milady's area.
"Today's menu will be the usual. Chicken soup with mashed potatoes on the side. As for the liquid refreshment, herbal tea." I set down the tray as I begin producing the tea.
"Thank you." She beams at me. I beam back, her eyes following my slight movements as I pour the finished tea into the bijou, decorative cup.

The doorbell clangs, and I jump.

"I'll answer it!" I exclaimed, wriggling into my silky, smooth gloves. Twisting the doorknob, I unlocked to see Prince Ramon accompanied by his butler who happens to be my brother.
"Welcome." I give way to the glowing aura before me. 
"We won't be long." He glowers.
"Certainly, sir. Right this way." I lead them to the lounge.
"Greetings, Elizabeth." Said Ramon as brother assists on perching him down. I sink into Milady's side.
"Ramon. How are you, perhaps?" She glares at him.
"Oh, I'm fine as always." He smirks invitingly. How provocative.
"So, talk."
"I came here to discuss about the typical murders that has been happening lately." He heaves a sigh as he fishes out some documents.
"If you're looking for someone to put these cases to an end, then, I'd be happy to volunteer." Milady snaps rather bluntly, and he freezes.
"Very well, then. I'm counting on you to end these atrocities." His eyes widen in amusement.
"I've a meeting right now. If you'll excuse me."
"Thank you for the visit. Please do come again." Milady waves as I shut the door close. Well, that was fast.
"Lydia, go and gather some information with the following and come up with a conclusion." She hands me paperwork and I still in amusement. Piece of cake.
"Certainly, Milady." I assemble at her behest as I left her side, hiding my Cheshire cat-like smirk, quickly marching towards my room.

"Milady." I hover beside her.

"Oh, Lydia—" She wears refined, sophisticated; like that of an upper-class model sort of clothing, with her long, oh-the-usual viridescent sweater vest, black mini skirt finished with dark grey nylon stockings and large Ray-Bans. She looks simply magnificent!

"I've provided enough data for this case." I presented her the information filled with conceptions based on my clever perspective, dismissing my rather, drooling thoughts of her appearance. "My conclusion depicts of a wealthy, prosperous man who mostly goes by the appellation "Sir. John", who must be responsible for the following people's disappearances." That unbelievable prick.

"Ah! Speaking of John . . . I've heard he's organizing a party tonight. We shall ambuscade that happening. Please do prepare the carriage immediately."

Oh? This is news.

And, before I knew it, Milady disappears in her walk-in closet. I glance at my watch, and it reads 5:47 in the afternoon, much to my surprise. I must have detailed my data too long . . . Oh, I hope Milady's not mad. I switch into my bona fide form, even equipping me the general attire a butler wears. Milady eventually exits the step-in closet, and there she reveals her forever viridescent cross-front bra top dress and high pumps. Sultry! I'm sure one lucky demon butler of Milady's household. She does not seem to notice me, as shown when she strides past me absentmindedly, as if she's unaccompanied. I tentatively follow behind her, my face etched in disappointment. Please look at me, Milady. The thought is unsettling. Strolling over the carriage, I budge open the door, providing passage to Milady before me. Her hardened eyes remain as if deep in thought, still apart from my direction. While on our journey, her gaze shifts to her paperwork as she examines them, word by word, being aware of what's betiding. I place the palm of my hand on my chin, looking out into the moonless scenery. Sigh.

It was not long before we reached our destination.

Elizabeth scurries out, leaving the door ajar. When I finally catch up with her, I observe her mien. Pale, perspired, agitated—and insanely attractive.

"Please excuse me, I'm in search of my escort." Says Milady as she strides past me. She didn't recognize me at all. I take a deep breath before I speak.

"Milady, I believe you are referring to me. I am your escort—Lydia, your most trusted maid. This is my actual form, and I go by the name Aaron." I mutter, my voice low and husky. This could go either way.

Clear, emerald green eyes gape at me, and I remain expressionless. Oh, I could stare at you all day, Milady.

"Forgive me, Milady, for I only had the courage to tell you at this time." I added sharply as we made it to the front of the mansion. I extend my hand, eagerly waiting for her to respond. She holds it anyway, and I lead her to the main hall where music started frolicking.

"S-so where is this John..?" She whispers, looking anywhere but me.

"Somewhere I don't give a damn about, for the moment." Her jaw drops open in shock.

"Mr. Aaron!" Milady snaps, much to her chagrin. Her grip tightens on my hand, and I squirm.

"Shall I have this dance?" I settle for a different track. I notice a blush spread on her cheeks as she tilts her head to one side, nodding in agreement to my entreaty. We gyrate rhythmically as the song "Tangled Up" encompasses in the background.

"Why, Mr. Aaron—you dance very well . . . how impressive!" Oh, indeed I do, Milady.

"Please do not underestimate me." I smile a fake smile, and soon, I'm drowned by the temptation of this strange sensation.

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