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Life can't go on without a beat


1. Chapter One

"What the hell, shouldn't it be right point five and not thirty two?" I say running my fingers through my hair. El just chuckled at me. "I don't understand what math has to do with the arts." "Well we need to know the basics before we can start." "But still, I mean I just wanna design outfits and you just can like model them." "But what about you?" I give her the look and start to speak. "I have no figure to model. You my friend are like gorgeous! So don't pull that on me." "Stop being silly. C'mon" she grabs ahold of my wrist dragging me from my seat. "Ugh where are we going now?! I have to finish my homework. Plus I have a game tonight!" "To go see the guys, we will bring your stuff and we can all go." "You're annoying." "Yep!" She pulls out've her drive way and zigzags through the traffic. "Oh my gosh, remind me to drive next time!" I say laughing while gripping onto the arm rests. "Yeah, yeah. Hey look we're here!" She points out and parks. "Joy." Niall and Liam don't really talk to me any more. I hate it because I think I'm starting to fall for Niall but he and Liam had a long break from each other but soon they were brothers again, and some how Niall looks at me like I'm some piece of trash. "Are... They gonna be here too?" She sighs and looks at me. "You know they will." I look at my feet and she rubs my back as we ring the doorbell. We wait about two minutes before it is opened by Liam. "El! C'mon in!" He lets her walk in and he stops holding the door when I walk in. It hits my cheek and I groan. "Hey guys look, El came to visit!" He says excitedly she says Hey to all of them and hugs them all. I hold my cheek and stare at Niall with his arm around a girl. My heart pings and I speak. "Hey Harry" "Hey babe." He says hugging me. Zayn looks up from kissing Perrie. "Hey Schuy." They say in unison an giggle at each other. I smile at then and mention a Hey. I walk into the kitchen to see El and Louis making out. I ignore it and grab an icepack from the freezer. After a good 10 minutes of hearing them kiss I speak up. "Why are we here again, El?" She stops and looks at me. "Oh yeah! Harry! Niall! Zayn! Liam! Louis." She looks at him last. They all walk in and just mutter what's. "Okay so do you think Schuy has a good figure?!" She asks getting excited. "It's okay to say what ever you feel we won't get mad." She says again. "She's fit." Harry says and smiles. "She's good." Says Zayn. "She looks beautiful." Louis says rubbing El's back. "She's fat" Liam says walking away. My heart saddens as Niall lightly nods and just sighs and whispers something in the girls ear as she leaves the house. He just slowly walks up the stairs. I sigh. "I should get going. Thanks any way you guys." I grab my bag and nod at El she whispers something to Lou and he nods grabbing his car keys. We load up and drive to the school.

"Okay so we do a full split and switch the first half. But because of that we will have to move fast! Autumn , Rachel, Schuyler, Maggi, Hallie,Natalie, you all know positions now if we win this it will mean we are a shoe-in for the championship!" Coach Lily says we all line up to have our numbers announced. They go through the line as they finally get to me. "Number 21 Schuyler Luv!" I hear the crowd roar as I do a small wave. They continue down the line till it's time to play.

As captain I walk up to the net a and shake hands with the other team's captain. "Call it on the toss." "Heads." She says it lands on heads. "Side or serve. "Serve," "Which side?" He turns to me. "This one." "Starting places!" We all group huddle. "Okay, we need to win this. I heard this team plays dirty." Maggie says followed by Hallie's comment. "They hit the ball onto the line where the tap is slick and it has taken out 3 girls ankles and one of their knees." "Hallie and Maggie stay in the middle, ignore what coach says for now because we can't lose you two, we know they will go for you with those leg braces on. When they hit, they will probably notice us for the block so they'll tip it so make sure you are on your feet spread out. Keep the ball towards Maggie so it's easy for her to set. Got it?" "Got it!" They all chant.

The crowd roars as we are at 24-23 we are so close It pains. "THEY ARE AIMMING FOR FACES GIRLS!" Our coach screams at us. I bump the ball by diving to the line. I slide into the chairs on the side lines but quickly brush it off running back onto the court. I hear loud clapping. "Serve it up girl, this makes us the winners if you ace it!" Rachel grins at me. I smile wide sweat dripping into my eyes. I raise my arm tossing the ball into the air before snapping my wrist as hard as I could. I close my eyes, waiting, and then the buzzer sounds. "WE DID IT!!!" They all chant Hallie and I are on the ground. We jump up and hug. "YOU DID IT GIRLS!" Coach says hugging us all. I walk over to say good game to the other team when I'm tripped. "My knee!" I scream as I fall. I grip onto my knee. As coach and Hallie along with Harry and El run over. "Can you stand?" Coach Lily asks. "Yeah." I grip onto Harry's shoulder as I attempt to stand. "But can you walk?" I hold onto Harry's shoulder and try to walk but my left knee gives out. " I'm fine." I mutter and limp to the locker room. I am walking when I'm pulled into a hallway. "Hey." "Niall?" "Are you okay?" He asks holding me up. "Yes why do you care?" I mutter looking down. He grabs my chin lifting it up. "Because you're mine." He says before gently kissing me.

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