Gamer's Pick-up Lines

This Movella will start by just pick-up lines but if it gets some attention I'll expand upon it and do all sorts of things (maybe even recruit a few of you gamers to help me out!). But think about it... RS, LoL, MMORPG, CoD, ODST, SE, Meta and many more: we all know what they mean, but do THEY?! Yes, I may have lost it and yes, I did use a good few of these lines before haha.


1. Introduction

(Feel free to skip the intro by the way)


     Are you tired of your normal day-to-day pick-up lines just not being very effective? Or are you tired of hearing: "I have no clue what you're talking about."? Of course you are! So... WELCOME to the realm of gaming! I'm sure you, just like the rest of us, wish there were more of us in this empty realm... especially when it comes to the ones you love. I mean really, you have a whole inventory of things to talk about if only they were into it! And rarely do you ever get to share your infinite knowledge on your most favorite game... But alas, some things are just meant to be. Though just like the rising of the sun, there is a bright side.

     The bright side is exactly what I have plotted out... pick-up lines. They intrigue interest and taunt the anti-gamer into falling into the never-ending addictive realm. (I mean who wouldn't want to get involved so they could make up their own pick-up lines?) Once they begin a quest or task, they cannot escape from JUST one. So take up your swords and lead your fellow anti-gamers to victory at ever last! You need to teach the next generation to be more cunning and wittier than ever!



The content in this Movella may: cause confusion that can hurt the average anti-gamer, speak of horribly explicit bugs that ruin a game, degrade your most favorite game, encourage you to live an antisocial life, and lower your hit points*.



* Hit points are lowered by dividing your defense by attack power multiplied by critical strike (if any) then divided once again by a roll of 6 d4... Refer to to the simple equations below.


1.) Damage= [(Def/Attack Power)x(CS)]/X

Where 'X' is the number rolled with 6 d4

2.) Current HP-Damage = New (lowered) HP




PS: I really only have one set finished but I can do more if people actually like them.

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