My Brother is in a Band {BTOB}

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  • Publiceret: 5 aug. 2014
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Jung Heejin is a girl born into a rich family. But she isn’t really needed because of her older brother who has to take over their parents’ company. Heejin has always acted like the perfect daughter and never rebelled against her parents. Unlike her twin brother Ilhoon. Ilhoon has never fit into the rich lifestyle and at the age of 17 he ran away from home. When he then appears again two years later it turns out he has started a band. Ilhoon asks for Heejin’s help because he and the band are in trouble. Heejin who has never done anything her parents wouldn’t like, decides to help her brother and his band. But she never expected to be drawn into their world and actually feel at home. And she definitely never dreamt of falling in love with a guy who plays in a band. Especially not her brother’s band.


3. My brother's band



“Do you have plans tonight?” Ilhoon asks, while I make some dinner for him. “Maybe. Why?”
“My band is playing tonight, and I want you to come and listen to us,” Ilhoon says and I remember Minhyuk told me his band was playing tonight too. “Where are you playing?” I ask and he says the same bar as the one Minhyuk’s band is playing at. R&R. Maybe it’s a band night or something. Then maybe I should go there with my brother as an excuse and see Minhyuk again. I can do that right?

“I’ll come,” I say and Ilhoon smiles. “Perfect. Then let’s go there together in an hour. I’ll inform the guys and tell them I come separately,” he says and takes out his phone. “What is the name of your band anyway?” I ask and take rice out of the rice cooker. “BTOB. It’s short for Born to Beat,” he says and is obviously proud of the name, “and after our performance I will introduce you to my members. I have told them about you so they are curious.”

“Can’t wait,” I say and set the table. “By the way how is our parents and brother?” Ilhoon asks and I freeze for a moment. “Good, I guess. Daehyun oppa is studying and father’s business is going well.”

“Then how about you?” he asks and I shrug. “I’m fine too. Everything is like it always has been.”

“Boring,” Ilhoon says and I smile leniently. “I just live life as I always have. I’m not as adventurous as you.”

“You should be,” he says and I shrug again, “you would enjoy life a lot more if you let go every once in a while.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I say as I serve the food, “now stop talking and eat.”

“Thanks for the food,” he says before digging in. I watch my brother eat as if he has starved for a week. Which he hopefully hasn’t. I’m actually glad that he is going to move in here with me. That way I can keep an eye on him and make sure he stays out of trouble.

After Ilhoon is done eating I wash the dishes, give Hyungnim his dinner and then I change my clothes.

“Ready to go?” he asks and I nod. Ilhoon freaks out when he sees my car. “She’s beautiful! Can I have one?”

“Ask father,” I say and Ilhoon squints. “You’re mean,” he says and pouts. I can’t resist his aegyo and almost want to give him my car. Almost.

I let Ilhoon drive since he knows where to go and he parks behind the bar. Inside there are already quite a lot of people and I wonder if all of them came to listen to bands play. Ilhoon disappears backstage and I stand in front of the stage. Shortly after five guys come on stage and Ilhoon is among them. They start setting up their equipment and tune their instruments.

“Have you come to hear BTOB?” a girl next to me asks. “Yes I have,” I say and she smiles widely. “You don’t look like a fan. But I guess you can love the boys and their music no matter what kind of clothes you wear,” says another girl and I assume they are friends. I look at my clothes that are all from famous designers which is the opposite of the girls’ clothes. Their clothes are mostly black and with quite a lot of leather and zippers.

“So how long have you been a Melody?” the first girl asks and I can’t hide my confusion. “Melody?”

I ask and the girls look at each other. “The name of BTOB’s fanclub. You didn’t know that?”

I shake my head and say: “Someone asked me to come and listen to them so it’s my first time seeing them.”

“Really?” one of the girls exclaims and looks at her friend. “Then we will tell you about them,” the other girl says and points to the stage, “the one by the drums is Lee Changsub. He has mad skills but he doesn’t do anything else than play drums and skate. He doesn’t go to school and he doesn’t have a job. His parents give him money but he refuses to see them. We don’t know why though.”

“The one on the far right side is Peniel and he plays 2nd guitar,” the first girl continues, “he grew up in Chicago and moved here a few years back. His Korean still isn’t fluent and his American accent is just so cute! His parents still live in Chicago and he works part time while attending his third year of high school.”

“The one playing keyboard is Seo Eunkwang and he is also a backup singer. He is an orphan but he found his real hyung and they live together. He works at a pool house almost every night to afford the rent.”

“The front singer’s name is Yook Sungjae. He is very popular because he is younger than almost all the fans. Plus he is tall, good looking and his voice is like liquid gold. He is a real noona killer. Besides his mother owns this bar so every once in a while the band gets to play here but they are not paid for it.”

“The cute one on the left is Ilhoon. He plays bass. Rumors say that he is from a rich family but ran away from home and then started the band a year ago. He is the leader even though he is the second youngest. He is also known as the cutest member.”

It’s kind of weird to hear other people talk about my brother like that. With admiration. To me he is still just my twin brother Ilhoon.

“But where is Minhyuk?” one of the girls ask and I stiffen. It can’t be..

“There he is,” the other girl says and I follow her eyes to a very good looking guy. With very red hair. I gasp and the girls smile.

“I know, he’s gorgeous right? But be careful not to fall in love with him. He is very mysterious and no one really knows anything about him. Instead there are a lot of rumors.”

I look at Minhyuk as he pulls out his guitar and starts tuning it. “What kinds of rumors?” I ask and one of the girls bites her lip. “”One rumor says that he is head of some kind of underground mafia,” she says and I raise an eyebrow. “Another rumor says he used to be a porn star in Japan before he joined the band,” the other girl says and I frown. “And some even say that he has killed someone. Some claim that the one he killed was his own father,” the first girl says and I’m surprised by how one rumor is even more exaggerated than the other. “Are any of these rumors even true?” I ask and they both shrug. “No one really knows. But to us Minhyuk is just BTOB’s handsome lead guitarist that we should stay away from. And you should do the same if you want to stay out of trouble.”

Just then the band starts playing and the conversation ends. I turn towards the stage and my eyes can only look at Minhyuk. So the band he asked me to come and listen to is actually my brother’s band. What are the odds? Suddenly I realize something. The fortune teller’s words.

The person will have a connection to someone close to you.

No one is closer to me than Ilhoon and Minhyuk is connected to him. But of course it’s all still nonsense and there is no such thing as fate.

The band plays three songs and then leaves the stage followed by cheering and girl screams. I walk to the back where I know Ilhoon and the rest of the band will be. But a guard won’t let me come backstage as if this was a concert with famous people. Just then Ilhoon appears and says: “It’s okay. She’s my sister.”

The guard steps aside and lets me in. I follow Ilhoon all the way to the back where his bandmates are spread out on two couches. When we reach the table everyone falls silent and look at me.

“Heejin this is my bandmates and guys this is Heejin,” Ilhoon introduces and I bow. “I call dips on her!” the front singer Sungjae says while raising his hand. “YAH!” Ilhoon shouts and puts his arm around my waist, “she’s my sister you idiot!”

“So? I still call dips on her,” Sungjae says and then smiles at me, “hi Heejin I’m Sungjae.”

I bow again and Ilhoon scoffs. “He’s younger than you so don’t be so formal,” he says and I shrug. I was just raised to be overly polite all the time. It’s hard to get rid of that habit.

“Sit down instead of standing there all awkward,” Eunkwang says and Ilhoon and I sit down next to each other. Ilhoon puts his arm around my shoulder and starts caressing my ear. It’s a habit he has had for as long as I can remember and I’m the only one he does it to. Just like he is the only one I will let do it.

I look around because I noticed as soon as I stepped in that Minhyuk isn’t here. But I don’t want to ask because Ilhoon would wonder why I would ask about Minhyuk. But just then Minhyuk steps in and walks over. As soon as he notices me his eyes widen.

“Heejin-ah,” he says as if we have known each other for ages and not met once for a few minutes. “You know her?” Ilhoon asks surprised and Minhyuk nods. “Well we met earlier today and I asked her to come listen to us,” Minhyuk says and then looks at Ilhoon’s arm around me, “is she your girlfriend?”

Ilhoon grimaces and removes his arm. “No she’s my sister,” Ilhoon says and Minhyuk looks somehow relieved. “But I called dips on her so she’s taken,” Sungjae says and Ilhoon looks like he wants to kill him, “I want her to be my muse. If I have her by my side I’m sure I can write amazing songs.”

“Forget about it! I won’t let any of you losers have my sister. She is way too good for all of you combined!”

“Oh yeah? What’s so good about her?” Changsub asks and Ilhoon leans a little forward. “Heejin goes to a prestige school where only rich kids can attend and she always gets perfect grades. While the ones that graduated among us never really attended school and your grades sucked. Sungjae, Peniel and I aren’t any different and the school doesn’t even care that we rarely show up or that our grades can’t get any worse. Also Heejin wants to be a make-up artist and she is working at a place where they train her to be one. Just like us she is working towards her dream but she is closer to accomplishing hers than we are,” Ilhoon says and I stare at him. How did he know I’m working for a make-up artist who teaches me? I never told him that and it happened shortly after he left.

“Then if what you’re saying is true then you’re not good enough for your sister either. Can you even call yourself her brother?” Sungjae asks and Ilhoon scoffs. “I’m different and I’ll prove it to you,” he says and looks at me, “Heejin who is the person you love the most in this entire world?”

“You,” I say without hesitation. “And why is that?” he asks and I don’t have to think about how to answer that question either. “Because you’re nothing like me. Because you’re my opposite. Because you are the reason I can be who I really am and not who people expect me to be. Because without you I would just be a puppet,” I say and Ilhoon smiles satisfied. “So roughly speaking I’m your humanity,” he says and I nod. “Yes Ilhoon. You’re my humanity.”

Ilhoon looks at his bandmates and they all look a little taken aback. “To my sister I’m the most important person and there isn’t room for any of you,” he says and they all roll their eyes. Except Minhyuk who has looked at me the whole time.

“I’ll take that as a challenge,” Sungjae says and smirks, “I’ll prove you wrong.”

“Yah Yook Sungjae!” Ilhoon says but Sungjae ignores him and winks at me. Ilhoon is about to explode and gets up.
“Let’s go home Heejin,” he says and grabs my arm. “Oh come on he is just joking,” Eunkwang says as Ilhoon pulls me up. “I’m not laughing,” he says and pulls me towards the exit. “It was nice meeting all of you!” I say and try to bow while Ilhoon is still pulling me. Just before we leave the room my eyes meet with Minhyuk’s and my heart skips a beat. I have to see him again.


That night I can’t fall asleep because of thoughts of Minhyuk. Everything adds up with what the fortune teller said. Except the wings. Unless it’s my birthday that symbolizes wings. But the fortune teller said that one day I would understand what they meant. I can’t believe I’m actually believing her words but somehow all this doesn’t seem like a coincidence. While thinking about this my eyelids slowly become heavier and it’s hard to stay awake. In the end I fall asleep and the last thing I see is Minhyuk with angel wings.



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