My Brother is in a Band {BTOB}

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Jung Heejin is a girl born into a rich family. But she isn’t really needed because of her older brother who has to take over their parents’ company. Heejin has always acted like the perfect daughter and never rebelled against her parents. Unlike her twin brother Ilhoon. Ilhoon has never fit into the rich lifestyle and at the age of 17 he ran away from home. When he then appears again two years later it turns out he has started a band. Ilhoon asks for Heejin’s help because he and the band are in trouble. Heejin who has never done anything her parents wouldn’t like, decides to help her brother and his band. But she never expected to be drawn into their world and actually feel at home. And she definitely never dreamt of falling in love with a guy who plays in a band. Especially not her brother’s band.


10. I fell under your spell



It’s Sunday evening and I’m alone in the apartment. The café is closed on Sundays and the guys have been out most of the day. I have no idea what they have been doing and none of them answer my calls. I have a bad feeling about this and I feel like I can’t breathe. If something bad happened to my brother it would break me. I won’t be able to calm down until he’s in my arms, safe and sound. Just then the door slams open and I hear the boys’ voices. I get up immediately and run to the front door. I gasp when I see them. They’re covered in bruises and some of them are bleeding too. Their hair and clothes are a mess.

“What happened!?” I exclaim as they walk past me into the apartment. “We had a little… problem, with another band,” Ilhoon says and I follow the boys to the living room. “So you got into a fight?” I ask and he nods, “you idiot! What if something seriously bad happened to you!? What would I do without you!?”

Ilhoon looks at me and chuckles. “Are you laughing at me right now!?” I yell and Ilhoon shakes his head while still chuckling. “You’re just so cute,” he says and I frown, “I’m fine. We’re all fine. It’s just a few scratches and they’ll be healed in a few days’ time.”

I can feel myself slowly calming down and I take a deep breath. Then I walk over to him and caress his cheek.

“Let’s take care of those scratches,” I say and then find some alcohol so I can cleanse his wounds. He grimaces but doesn’t protest. “You’re very lucky Ilhoon,” Peniel says and Ilhoon turns to look at him, “you have a sister who cares so much about you. She gets mad because she worries and then she takes care of you because she loves you. I’m envious of your close relationship.”

Ilhoon glances at me but I avoid his gaze. Instead I focus on dressing his wounds. Then I cleanse the other guys’ wounds and realize someone’s gone missing.

“Where did Minhyuk go?” I ask and look around. “He walked outside a little while ago,” Sungjae says and I leave the apartment to go look for him. He’s not in the hallway so I take the elevator down. I walk out of the apartment complex and see Minhyuk a little further down the street. I’m about to call out to him when I realize he’s talking to someone. A girl. The girl holds Minhyuk’s hand tightly and looks at him with pleading eyes. I can’t hear what they’re saying but I don’t want to step closer in case they discover me. I’m not even sure I want to know what they’re talking about because I fear the outcome. I’m about to turn around and leave when Minhyuk suddenly kisses the girl’s forehead and embraces her. My heart tightens painfully and I feel like I’m about to throw up. I’ve accused him of being a player before, and I guess I was right. He didn’t mean it when he said he liked me and all he has done, is play with me. He doesn’t have any feelings for me like I have for him. And I was stupid to hope it could be different.

I turn around and run inside. I sit down in the corner with my back against the wall. While hugging my legs I hide my face by my knees. The tears start flowing and I have no intention of stopping them. This needs to get out of my system. I don’t want the guys to know that there’s something wrong. After calming down I can go back to the apartment.

“Heejin?” I hear my name being called and I recognize the voice. I don’t look up while Minhyuk’s steps come closer.

“What happened? Are you crying?” he asks and lifts my head. I look at his face and see concern. I can’t tell him the real reason why I’m crying. So I decide to lie. I sniffle and clear my voice.

“I’m just a little shaken because of how you guys looked when you came to my apartment. I don’t like my brother getting hurt and I was so worried,” I say and from the look on his face he believes me. “It’s okay now right? Ilhoon is safe and no one got seriously hurt,” he says and strokes my hair. I nod and wipe away my tears. “I know. I feel better,” I say in a subdued voice. Minhyuk takes my hands and helps me to my feet. “Let’s go back,” he says and I nod. He keeps holding one of my hands and I don’t try to pull away. For the rest of the day I won’t avoid him and push him away. Just for today I will allow myself to stay next to him. But tomorrow I need to get a hold of my feelings. Tug them away and hide them from the world. And most of all, from myself. I have to get over Minhyuk.


It’s been a couple of days since I decided to get over Minhyuk. Unfortunately things haven’t really been going according to plan. Quite the opposite actually. I have only fallen more and more in love with him each day. And he’s not exactly making it easier. He hugs me from behind, holds my hand and tries to ruin my life with that perfect smile of his. I bet he doesn’t have the slightest idea how much he affects me. How much every touch means to me. That when he looks at me I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How just being by his side makes me incredibly happy. But I can never tell him that. He can’t know about my feelings.

It’s Thursday and I’m sitting in class. In about ten minutes the class will end and I’m done with school for today. I rest my head in my hands and look indifferently at the teacher. Finally class is over and I start collecting my things.

“Heejin-ah!” someone shouts and I stiffen. It can’t be… I turn around and see BTOB run up the stairs towards me. As soon as they reach me they embrace me in one big group hug.

“Can’t. Breathe…” I say out of breath and they let me go. They’re all one big smile and I ask them what they’re doing here.

“We decided to come and see your school,” Sungjae says and looks around the classroom. “Why don’t you try and see the inside of your own classroom first?” I ask sarcastically and Ilhoon snorts. “We’ve actually been to school today. For like, three hours,” he says and I roll my eyes. I realize that all my classmates are starring at us and whispering.

“I think we should leave,” I say and they protest. “We want to see your school,” Changsub says and they all nod. They turn around and start walking. I quickly collect my things and throw them into my bag. I follow them out of the classroom and they just start walking around the school. They’re noisy and look like a bunch of troublemakers. But the girls look at them with admiring and curious looks. The guys leave a mess behind when they finally leave the school.

“I’m gonna be in so much trouble tomorrow,” I say and the guys laugh. “Then don’t show up tomorrow,” Sungjae says and I sigh. “It doesn’t work that way,” I say and Sungjae shrugs. The guys get into their van and I get into my car. I just put on my seatbelt when the door in the passenger seat opens. Minhyuk gets in and closes the door. I look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“What are you doing in my car?” I ask and he looks at me with an innocent smile. “Asking for a ride,” he says and I sigh. “Well I’m not giving you one, so get out.”

He looks surprised and his smile disappears. “Why are you so cold lately?” he asks and I look away. The van is gone so I guess I have to give Minhyuk a ride. I turn the key and the car comes to life.

“Answer my question,” he demands while I drive out from the parking lot. “I don’t have an answer,” I say and Minhyuk sighs. “Have I done something wrong? Are you mad at me?” he asks and I shake my head, “then what is it? Tell me so I can fix it!”

“Minhyuk it’s nothing really,” I say and I’m getting a little irritated. “Of course there’s something. You’ve been avoiding me these past few days and you’re indifferent around me. Something must have happened.”

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” I say and Minhyuk scoffs. “Then what have you been doing?”

“I’ve been having a life. Sue me,” I say and he starts massaging his temples. “Pull over,” he whispers and at first I don’t do anything, “PULL OVER!!”

I feel a little intimidated and pull over as soon as I can. Minhyuk gets out of the car, walks over and opens my door. He pulls me out and drags me to the sidewalk.

“Minhyuk what are you doing?” I ask and he tightens his grip. “I’m not gonna let you go until you tell me what’s wrong!” he exclaims and I squint. “Nothing’s wrong. I already told you that,” I say and can feel the rage slowly building up inside me. I need to get away. I try and pull away but Minhyuk won’t let me go. And since he’s a lot stronger than me I don’t think I’ll be able to win.

“Tell me! I don’t want it to be like this between us,” Minhyuk says and I turn my head away. “Like what?” I ask. “I don’t want you to walk away from me,” he says now suddenly in a subdued voice and he sounds vulnerable. Is a player supposed to be like this? Sound like this? I’m confused about what Minhyuk’s intentions are and what he wants from me. I turn my head and look him in the eye.

“If I walk away you have other girls to take my place. You won’t even miss me,” I say indifferently and Minhyuk looks confused. “What other girls?” he asks and I scoff. “I know you play around with girls. I saw you the day you all came to my apartment. You were with a girl. You kissed her forehead and hugged her. So don’t deny it!” I say and the rage is clear in my voice. Minhyuk looks confused at first but then he bursts into laughter. That only makes me madder and I ask him what’s so funny.

“You are,” he says while still laughing, “that girl wasn’t someone I tried to seduce. She’s my cousin and the only family member I still have contact with.”

My eyes widen and the rage disappears instantly. “I’m… so sorry. I didn’t know,” I mumble and look down feeling very embarrassed. “Of course you didn’t know. How could you,” he says and finally lets go of my arm, “so that’s why you have been avoiding me?”

I hesitate for a while and then nod. “But why?” he asks and suddenly he realizes something, “were you crying because of that?”

I nod again and Minhyuk gently touches my cheek. Then he cups my face and turns it towards him. I still avoid his gaze because I feel flustered.

“Heejin look at me,” he says but I still refuse to do so, “were you jealous? Is that why you were crying? Because you thought I was with someone else?”

I don’t respond and just bites my lower lip. “Tell me. I need to know,” he says with a pleading voice. “But I don’t want you to know,” I whisper and finally meets his gaze. “Why?” he asks and I sigh heavily. “Because I’m afraid of your reaction.”

Minhyuk frowns and asks what I could possibly say that would freak him out. I hesitate for a long while and then sigh again.

“You told me that you were interested in me but I didn’t believe you. I have never dared to believe those words to be true but more than anything I wanted them to be true,” I say and my voice is shaking because of what I’m about to say, “I wanted you to like me because…”

I look him straight in the eye and gather courage for my next words. “Because I’m crazily in love with you.”

Minhyuk’s eyes widen a bit and he looks at me for a long while. Then he leans his face closer to mine and whispers: “Me too.”

Then he kisses me gently and I kiss him back without hesitation. Minhyuk removes his hands from my face and puts them around me instead. The kiss gets deeper and I let it consume me. Whenever Minhyuk touches me I catch fire. But this is different. It’s like there’s a typhoon in my heart and an earthquake in my mind. When we break the kiss we’re both out of breath and I feel a little dizzy. Minhyuk holds on to me to give me support.

“Well I didn’t expect that,” I gasp and Minhyuk chuckles. “Me neither,” he admits and we both laugh. We look at each other for a while before Minhyuk speaks again. “How long how you liked me?” he asks and I think about it. “I have been interested in you ever since I met you,” I say and decide not to tell him about the fortune teller as the reason, “but the day I saw the plectrum around your neck I was sure about how I feel.”

“So after seeing me half naked you were sure about your feelings?” Minhyuk asks teasingly and I chuckle. “You could say that,” I say and Minhyuk laughs, “but I didn’t want to like you at first. I thought you were a player that would only break my heart. And on top of that you are a member of my brother’s band and I was convinced that would only lead to chaos.”

I smile slightly as I say this and run a hand through my hair. “I tried to fight it but lost in the end. I fell under your spell,” I say and Minhyuk smiles widely, “but what about you? For how long have you liked me?”

“From the moment I saw you,” he says without hesitation, “when I saw you I just knew. It’s as simple as that.”

I don’t really know what to say. I thought he was just playing around with me and weren’t serious about it at all. But here he is, telling me he has liked me from the beginning.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask and Minhyuk raises an eyebrow. “I did. You just didn’t believe me,” he says and I blush. “Oh. Right,” I say and Minhyuk laughs while stroking my hair. “It doesn’t matter. As long as you believe me now,” he says and I nod. He smiles and kisses me. “Now let’s go. The others are probably wondering where we are,” he says and I nod again. We get into the car and I start the engine. I put on my seatbelt and then Minhyuk takes my hand. I turn my head to look at him.

“Just to make sure, we’re a couple now right?” he asks and I smile. “Yes we are,” I say and his whole face lights up, “but we can’t let your members know. Especially not my brother.”

He looks disappointed and asks why. “If Ilhoon finds out, he won’t like it at all. So for now let’s keep it a secret and then tell him when he won’t hate it so much,” I say and even though Minhyuk obviously doesn’t like it, he still agrees. I smile and kiss him on the cheek. He smiles slightly and then looks out the window as I enter the traffic.



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