My Brother is in a Band {BTOB}

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  • Publiceret: 5 aug. 2014
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Jung Heejin is a girl born into a rich family. But she isn’t really needed because of her older brother who has to take over their parents’ company. Heejin has always acted like the perfect daughter and never rebelled against her parents. Unlike her twin brother Ilhoon. Ilhoon has never fit into the rich lifestyle and at the age of 17 he ran away from home. When he then appears again two years later it turns out he has started a band. Ilhoon asks for Heejin’s help because he and the band are in trouble. Heejin who has never done anything her parents wouldn’t like, decides to help her brother and his band. But she never expected to be drawn into their world and actually feel at home. And she definitely never dreamt of falling in love with a guy who plays in a band. Especially not her brother’s band.


12. Happiness is easily shattered



It has already been two weeks since Minhyuk and I started dating. We’re together whenever we get the chance, and when Ilhoon isn’t home, Minhyuk comes over. I’ve also spent a lot of time in his apartment with the excuse that I’m visiting Ji Min and Ji Hyun. I told them about Minhyuk and me the day after he slept at my place. None of them seemed surprised but Sehun on the other hand was in shock. But he quickly accepted it though. He kind of had to because Minhyuk likes visiting me during lunch and wait for me after school. And if he’s spent the night at my place he usually stays at my school all day waiting for me.

Today is probably one of those days. Ilhoon went to Incheon yesterday to talk to someone “important” and said he wouldn’t make it home till the next day. So Minhyuk came over last night and slept here. And right now we’re sitting at the dining table in my apartment eating breakfast. My feet are resting on top of his, because I want to have some kind of physical contact with him, and I can’t stop smiling like an idiot. I’m trying to focus on the food but my eyes keep finding their way to his face. He catches me looking at him and I quickly lower my gaze.

“You can look at me, Heejin. You can look at me all you want, as long as you promise to only look at me,” he says and I blush a little. “I don’t want to look at anyone else but you,” I mumble shyly and Minhyuk chuckles. He reaches over the table and ruffles my hair. “That’s my girl,” he says and I like the sound of that more than I probably should. We’re silent for a while before Minhyuk talks again.

“I’ve been thinking about something,” he says and I grin. “That would be a first,” I say and he snorts. “Very funny,” he says sarcastically and then becomes serious, “but I really want to ask you about something.”

I don’t say anything and he hesitates before he asks. “I have noticed that you spend a lot of time with Peniel lately. What is that all about and what do you do?”

I grin again and ask if he’s jealous. “Should I be?” he asks and I shake my head. I explain that Peniel has told me about his drug addiction and that I help him in his attempt of getting clean for good.

“It has been hard on him. He wants to stop but he just can’t. He hates drugs and is very afraid of them. Especially after his friend got killed.”

My eyes widen and I drop my chopsticks. “What!?” I exclaim and Minhyuk looks surprised. “He didn’t tell you about the friend that got killed because of drugs?” he asks and I shake my head, “oops. Well the cat’s out of the bag now. Should I tell you or do you want to hear it from him?”

I run a hand through my hair and say that I will hear it from Peniel. He says he understands and we continue eating. I wonder why Peniel didn’t tell me about it. Did he have something to do with it and feels guilty? Or is it too painful to talk about? I guess I just have to ask and if he doesn’t want to tell me, I’ll accept it.

After breakfast I change my clothes and get my bag. “Should I drop you off at home?” I ask and Minhyuk pouts. “I want to go with you,” he says and I chuckle. “Fine,” I say and he smiles widely. “You haven’t had any problems in school because of me right?” he asks and I shake my head. “The school apparently doesn’t mind and my friends keep it a secret from Ilhoon. I knew I could trust Ji Hyun and Sehun with the secret, but somehow I wasn’t sure about Ji Min. I’m pretty sure she likes you and I feared she would get mad because I’m dating you and tell my brother about us.”

“She had no reason to tell on us,” Minhyuk says and I frown. “Why? She is the type of person who would do stupid things in a moment of anger.”

“At the time you told her about us, she already knew I like you,” he says and I stare at him with a shocked expression, “she asked me out a few days before we started dating and I said no. I explained that I liked you and since then she hasn’t been flirting with me.”

I don’t even know what to say. Ji Min has known about Minhyuk’s feelings for me even before I knew. Why hasn’t she said anything? I didn’t notice a change in her behavior or how she acted around me. Or maybe she did change and I just didn’t notice because I was thinking about other things.

“But I could come with you right?” he asks and I bite my lower lip. I’m not sure how I will act when I’m with Minhyuk and Ji Min at the same time. But there’s no reason why I should make Minhyuk stay away.

“Yeah you can come,” I say and he smiles widely. We walk down to the car and I let him drive.

Minhyuk parks the car at the school’s parking lot. We get out and walk towards the main entrance. Minhyuk sneaks his hand into mine and laces his fingers with mine. I look at him but he just smiles. We walk inside and he follows me all the way to my classroom. He stops outside the door and I turn toward him.

“I’ll wait in the canteen,” he says and I nod. Then he cups my face and gently kisses my forehead. I blush like I always do when he shows affection in public and he chuckles before he turns around and walks away. With still burning cheeks I enter the classroom and walk to my seat. I collapse on my chair and hide my face with my hands. Not because I feel shy. But because I’m so happy I could die.

“Heejin-ah!” I hear someone call my name and I remove my hands. Sehun’s walking up the stairs and he waves at me. I wave back and when he reaches me, he takes the seat next to me.

“Something good happened?” he asks and I shrug, “just the usual with Minhyuk?”

I smile and nod. “You’re a hopeless case,” he says and I just keep smiling. “Leave her alone. She’s just happily in love” I hear Ji Hyun’s voice and she sits down in front of us. “She still acts like a fool,” Sehun says and I hit his arm. “A fool in love,” Ji Hyun says and I smile at her. Sehun just snorts and turns his head away. Just then Ji Min comes over and sits down next to her sister. I look at her and wonder if she was mad at me when Minhyuk turned her down. She doesn’t return my gaze and just gets ready for class. I decide not to say anything and nobody else talks either. Then our teacher enters the room and class starts.

When it’s finally time for lunch, I hurry out of class with my stuff and smile when I enter the hallway. Minhyuk’s leaning against the opposite wall and looks out the window. His face is in profile and all of his masculine features are highlighted. The sharp visible jawline, his neck muscles and his adam’s apple. How can someone be so hot? The girls that walk past him either giggle or point at him. I feel kind of proud thinking that he’s all mine. I walk over and he turns his head. A wide smile spreads across his face when he sees me.

“How was class?” he asks and I sigh dramatically. “Boring as always,” I say and he chuckles. Then I stand on my toes and kiss him on the lips. “Get a room,” Sehun says as he passes by us. “We would have to get more passionate for that,” Minhyuk says before he cups my face and kisses me aggressively. When he pulls back I’m out of breath and a little dizzy. “Maybe that room wasn’t such a bad idea after all,” he says and I playfully hit his chest. He laughs and lets go of me. Then he takes my hand and we walk towards the canteen. On the way I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I take it out and see that I got a text from my brother. I open it and while I read my eyes widen.

“Oh my god,” I say in a subdued voice. “What is it?” Minhyuk asks and looks at my frightened expression. “He’s coming,” I whisper and Minhyuk frowns. “Who is?”

“Ilhoon. He texted me saying he’ll come here and wait till my last class ends. Then he’ll take me somewhere,” I explain and look at Minhyuk, “he says he’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Minhyuk doesn’t look as concerned as me. “Is that really so bad?” he asks and I pull my hand out of his. “Yes it’s bad! You have to leave now before he sees you!” I say and he sighs, “now go!”

“Okay okay! Jeez,” he says and runs back the way we came from to leave through a door in the back. I take a deep breath and head towards the canteen. When I reach it, Ilhoon’s already there waiting for me. I start towards him and sit down by the table he’s sitting at.

“Surprised?” he asks and grins. “You have no idea,” I mumble and Ilhoon’s smile gets wider, “so what are you doing here?”

“Can’t I visit my sister at school just because I feel like it?” he asks and I scoff. “Visit your own school every once in a while instead,” I say and he acts offended. “Are you not even happy to see me?” he asks and pouts. I roll my eyes while sighing. “You know that’s not true. I just didn’t expect it at all.”

“That’s kind of what a surprise is,” he says and I can’t help but smile slightly. My brother’s a dork, and I love him for it. “Is that a smile? Then I guess I did good in coming here,” Ilhoon says and my smile widens. “You did good,” I admit and he reaches over to caress my cheek. Just then I decide that I don’t want to go back to class after lunch. The school will call my parents if I’m absent but they don’t care anyway. So why feel guilty?

“Ilhoon,” I say and he raises an eyebrow because of the change in my voice, “let’s leave.”

“You mean now?” he asks and I nod, “you sure?”

I nod again and he grins. “You’re becoming more like me. I’m proud of you,” he says and gets up. I get up as well and without a word we leave the school grounds and drive away in my car.

We spend the next few hours watching a movie in a movie theater, eating lunch at a stall along the street and buying a couple of things that Ilhoon needs. When it’s time for work, Ilhoon and I drive to the café. Ilhoon drops me off out front and then drives away to park the car. I’m about to enter the café when I hear shouting voices. I think they’re coming from the alley between the café and the next building. I walk over and look down the alley. I gasp when I see Minhyuk in a fight with some other guy. I run towards them and tell Minhyuk to stop. But when I get closer I stop in my tracks. Minhyuk’s facial expression is scary and it doesn’t even look like the Minhyuk I know. The warm and loving guy that I’m dating is completely gone and replaced by a crazy guy looking for trouble. I can’t let this guy take over my boyfriend. I have to stop this fight. I run forward again and push the other guy away. It works because I surprise him and he stubbles a couple of steps back. Then I grab Minhyuk’s arm and ask him to walk away from the fight. But Minhyuk isn’t there anymore. His eyes are showing no emotions and are only full of blood thirst. He doesn’t even see me. It’s like I’m not even there. He just nonchalantly shakes me off and I fall to the ground. My head bangs against the brick wall and I gasp because of the pain. My vision gets blurry and I feel like my hearing is slowly disappearing. Am I about to pass out? Just then I hear my brother’s voice yelling. With difficulty I turn my head and see him right next to me. He looks at me with terrified eyes while he strokes my hair with a shaking hand. Slowly my hearing comes back and my eyes start to focus. I turn my head the other way and see that Minhyuk’s fighting the guy again.

“Stop them, Ilhoon,” I mumble and look at my brother. “Are you okay?” he asks and I nod even though it hurts a lot doing it. “I’m fine. Just help Minhyuk,” I say and Ilhoon nods. He sprints towards them and hits the guy in the face. I slowly get up with support from the wall, while the fight continues. Minhyuk’s face looks terrible. His lip is split and it’s bleeding pretty badly. I’m also quite sure his jaw will be sore tomorrow.

Finally I manage to get back on my feet and even though I feel a little dizzy, at least the whole alley isn’t spinning. Just when I feel like I’m able to walk, I see Ilhoon getting punched in the face.

“NO!” I scream and stumble to my brother’s side, “Hoon-ah..”

“I’m fine Heejin,” he assures me but I won’t calm down. Just then Minhyuk punches the guy and he falls to the ground. It looks like he won’t be able to get up for a while and I pull my brother’s arm to make him leave the alley with me. I pull him inside the café and make him sit down on a chair.

“Hoon-ah,” I say and he asks me to shut up. “I’m fine really. I only took one punch and nothing happened,” he says and I bite my lower lip. I don’t say anything and just examine his face. He lets me do it because he probably knows I’ll only feel better when I’ve made sure myself that he’s fine. After examining every inch of his face I calm down.

“It looks like you’re fine,” I admit and he grins. “Told you so,” he says and I can’t help but sigh because of the relief. Now that I’ve made sure Ilhoon’s fine I suddenly remember something. Minhyuk. I turn around and see him leaning against the counter. He’s holding a cloth to his lip to stop the bleeding. I slowly walk over and my eyes waver a little.

“Are you okay?” I ask and he scoffs. “Now you suddenly care,” he says sarcastically. “I’m sorry,” is all I can say and Minhyuk sighs. “Whatever,” he mumbles and turns his head away from me. I don’t know what to say and just ends up looking at the ground.

“Heejin-ah,” Ilhoon says and I look at him, “Minhyuk hyung doesn’t look so good. Can’t you give him a ride home? I’ll manage the shop while you’re gone.”

“Yeah. Sure,” I say and look hesitantly at Minhyuk. He doesn’t protest so I guess he’s okay with me taking him home. While we walk down to my car he doesn’t say a word and I’m afraid to upset him even more so I also keep quiet. This is going to be a long, awkward and unpleasant drive. I just hope we’re still a couple when we reach his apartment.



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