Journey to emaciated


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"Here's the trouble; you think skinny is good. Sure, it's good for now, but the rush of weight-loss is very addictive. And it will be impossible to resist. Why not just 5 kg more? It won't do any harm. And you're still fat, fatty. But after those 5 kg you're still fat. So why not lose 5 more kg? ..And after that why not 5 more? And another 5 more? You know, after all you can't be too skinny. But you can. And after many, many more kg where are you now? Will you stop? No. You'll continue. Because the mirror lies. And all the voices in your head lie. So you just keep losing weight. Until someone finds out how to stop you. Or your destroyed body collapses.. And it's the end of you."

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