That one moment. ( taylor love story)


1. Ignored.

Taylor's p.o.v.

I walked down the streets hoping no one would bother me. I'm happy, yes, but these days I get no privacy. That's all I really want. Time for myself.

I sighed seeing that a girl was walking in my direction. She was looking straight at me. A small smile appeared on her lips as we made eye contact. I was preparing for myself for all the screaming and Fangirling when she walked straight past me. I couldn't help but feel disappointed. I know I want privacy but for some reason this bothered me.

I stopped and called after her , "Hey can I ask you something?"

She turned around and smiled at me, " Oh Uhm yeah, sure."

I walked to her ,"You know who I am right?"

She nodded ,"Yeah, Taylor Caniff. Why do you ask?"

My cheeks slightly tinted with a small blush ,"Oh uhm, I was just wondering cause you didn't Fangirl over me and yeah..."

I realized how stupid I sounded after I said that.

She laughed softly ," Sorry, I'm just not that kind of person. Plus I know how much fans you deal with and I figured that you maybe wanted some privacy."

I bit my lip as I stared at her. She understood. I suddenly realized what had bothered me. I had never been ignored like that by a pretty girl. And this girl right here , she just did it.

I shoved my hands in my pockets, "Do you maybe wanna hang out right now? You seem pretty cool and I mean fun and yeah.."

Damn I'm awkward .

She smiled,"Yeah sure . I mean I have nothing better to do so why not?"

We then started walking and talking. She was a really nice girl. Funny too. And beautiful. She was perfect. I just, wanted her.

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