Far From Home

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  • Publiceret: 28 jun. 2014
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1. Chapter 1 - No Escape

          Four weeks. No escape. Just kill me now… “Why?!” I threw my hands up in the air.

          “Honey…” My mom looked at my dad. “Mike tell her.” A nervous laugh escaped my dad’s mouth

          “Well, we think you need to get out more.” My dad said softly.

          “Are you serious?!” I yelled. I couldn’t explain how many angry thoughts were going through my head right now.        

          “Pumpkin, you sit in your room all day and watch that show, what’s it called, happily ever after?” He scratched his head.

          “First of all it’s not happily ever after, it’s Once Upon a Time!” I spat, “and second of all don’t you dare ‘pumpkin’ me ever again!” I stormed up into my room and jumped on my bed, curling up in my blankets.

          Didn’t they understand? I am just having a fragile moment in my life. My boyfriend of 4 years just broke off from me for some big-boobed blonde bimbo, my best friends all hate me for some odd reason, and the other day I realized that blonde bimbo is cheating on my ex with my older brother. Of course I tried to tell Jack (my ex) but of course, he’s too good for me now so he just ignores me. I would tell my brother, but he wouldn’t believe because I’m his little sister and he doesn’t want to be seen with me around.

          So my parents want to send me on a 4 week long carnival cruise. THAT’S A MONTH PEOPLE! You want to know the best part? (Note my sarcasm.) It’s a teen only cruise! Like I said, just kill me already.  

          Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I sat up and looked over at my door. Someone had slipped a piece of paper under my door. Just as I was about to stand up to get it, I saw myself in the mirror.

          Damn I look like crap. I didn’t even realize that I had been crying.

          I stood up, wiping the remaining tears off my face. I grabbed the sheet of paper and examined it.

          It was a normal piece of blank paper folded in half, I opened it to find three simple words that held so many feelings, that made me want to go lie back in bed and cry the rest of my life, or go on some shooting spree to get my anger out or something. The note said,

          ‘You leave tomorrow.’

          I mean even the fact that it says ‘You and not ‘We.’ That would’ve probably made me feel better. Just a little though. And tomorrow!? Why not next week or something! I had no time to say goodbye to my friends (even though they are mad at me.) I still would.

          I sighed, grabbed some clothes, and hopped in the shower. Trying to scrub all the depression off for the cruise. I know now that I have to go, so I guess I will try to make myself look presentable.

          All I know is that this was going to be the longest, four weeks/one month I have ever experienced…

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