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  • Publiceret: 19 jun. 2014
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1. imagine for Charlie Baker

Imagine for Charlie Baker.

Finally after 1 year am I going to my favorite bands concert. The band is called M.A.D. I bring my best friend with me to the concert. We have front row tickets. I can't wait. I get dressed, I have a M.A.D shirt on with the text "kiss me please Dan" on the front and a picture of all three boys. I also have a pair of short shorts on. My hair is long and curly. I have natural makeup on. My friend comes over, and we take to the concert.

The doors open and I run inside with my friend. We get to our front row seats. I smile big and look around the arena. It's the biggest shows they have sold out here in London. I'm so happy that we got front row tickets.

The time is running fast. Now is the time for the boys to get out. I smile big and start screaming really loud. All three of them comes on stage by jumping up from the floor under the stage. (Like the dancers and Justin Bieber in Believe movie) Michael is on the left, AP in the middle and Dan on the right. They smile big and start singing. They dance around on stage and make fun of each other. There is one person that want my attention. I turn around and see it's One of the stage workers "will you be the Toyboy girl?" I smile big and scream "yes please... Oh my god... Yes" she leads me backstage. Toyboy starts and they start singing. I smile big. Their dancers come and get me on to the stage. The crowd goes wild. I smile and see Dan looking more at me that he is looking at the crowd. I smile big and he winks. I blush a lot. The boys comes over to me and lead me to sit down on a couch. Dan sit on my left, and Michael and AP are sitting on my right side. I feel Dans hand holding around my waist. The song is done. The crowd goes wild. I smile big and clap my hands together. Everyone are looking at me. I smile and stop clapping. "What's your name sweetie?" Dan asks before the others could ask. I smile big " my name is Charlie.... Charlie Baker" "give it up for Charlie Baker" Michael screames in the microphone. Dan looks at my shirt. I blush a lot again. He smiles and learn forward. I learn forward too. Our lips meet. The crowd goes crazy. I smile in the kiss. The same does Dan. He turns it over to a make out section. "Woooow Wooow guys... There is others in here... Get a room" Dan and I pull away fast and laugh a little. Dan takes my hand and we stand up to get backstage and get a room. The others come up behind and They all lift me up in a king chair. (Not a real chair but the one you have two people to hold out their arms. You sit on their arms and they walk). I laugh and we comes backstage. Dan smiles and we make out again. Dan take up his phone and gives it to me. I give him my number and send a message to myself so I have his number too. I smile and take a selfie. The first is only me smiling. The others are with Dan and I, we kiss, we smile, he kisses my check and I kiss his check.

I hope you love this imagine Charlie ❤️❤️


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