The Slurgs Association Society for Slurgs of Prestige.

Are you a slurg?
Do you have prestige?
If yes is your answer, I welcome you to the SLURGS ASSOCIATION SOCIETY, known as the SAS by its staff and students.

Nobis auxilium in via ad magnitudinem Slurgs.
(We aid Slurgs in their path to greatness.)


2. How to Become Part of this Sort-of-Secret Society

Step One: Acknowledge that you want to become part of the SAS. 

Step Two: Acknowledge that you are also a slurg. 

Step Three: Acknowledge that you also have prestige, because each and every slurg has prestige. 

Step Four: Comment on this movella with the following vow:


I hereby promise, on my slimy Slurg honour,

To uphold the noble and prestigious race of Slurg,

To know that to be a Slurg, is to be a very awesome thing,

To help any fellow Slurg in need, 

And never to become a millipede instead. 

Millipedes are not at all prestigious


Step Five: Add the word slurg on your username and/or profile. 


Congratulations! You are now a member of The Slurgs Association Society! 


Nobis auxilium in via ad magnitudinem Slurgs.

(We aid Slurgs on their path to greatness.) 




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