Dark Side (Teen Wolf fanfic)

(THIS WAS ORIGINALLY KNOWN AS "Teen Wolf: The New/Old Girl In Town")---The new girl in town, Emma Summers, or should we say old girl?She moved from Beacon Hills to Italy before the first day of school. Let's just say she wasn't the prettiest flower around. Well, she's back and she's changed, new look, new style, new attitude, and new powers. She's changed the way Erica did when she became a werewolf, but the thing is Emma isn't a werewolf, she definitely is supernatural but not a wolf, is she just hiding her scent...or is she something else?


1. Pilot of 'Dark Side'

This starts at the end of season 2(in school)

BTW, Emma Summers is portrayed by Lucy Hale


Allison's P.O.V(point of view)

I was at school putting things in my locker while Lydia kept asking me about breaking up with Scott, which wasn't helping by the way.

"Are you sure you made the right choice?" She also asked, annoying me more, ever since Jackson moved she's been with me 24/7.

"Yes Lydia I'm sure, things were just...complicated. Anyways, when's your back to school seniors party gonna start?" I asked but she never answered, I looked at her and saw she was staring at some girl putting things in her locker, I think she's new because I've never seen her around."Lydia, what are you looking at?" I asked but I already knew the answer.

"Hmm? Yeah I love those shoes too." She told me, obviously she wasn't listening to me.

"Lydia!"I screamed at her, finally she turned around.

"What? Sorry, it's just-there's something about that girl that seems...familiar."She says motioning to the girl she was staring at.

"I don't think so, I think she's new, I haven't seen her around here before."

"Come with me."She says quickly grabbing my arm and dragging me to the girl.

"Do I know you? Cause theirs something about your face that's weir-"

"Lydia! Sorry, she's kind of never like this before. Uh, I'm Allison Argent, you must be a new student."I say hopefully trying to make a new friend.

"Uh, no Im not, I used to go to this school, I moved to Italy a year ago, then came back, I'm Emma Summers"She says surprising me.

"Now I remember you! Your 'ugly Emma'!"Lydia say, ruining my chances.

"And your 'Lonely Lydia' I heard Jackson Whittemore moved to London. To bad, I was gonna make a move on him."She just crossed her arms, the same way she crossed the line with Lydia.

"Well, don't you have a new self-confidence, I remember you were to shy to talk, I actually thought you were mute, now I'm gonna need you to go mute."She said, and that part about a 'new self-confidence' made me think about Erica, she changed after Derek bit her, I wonder if she's a werewolf too. What am I saying?!?! I'm becoming to obsessed with this werewolf hunting stuff!

"Remember sweetie, I'm not a movie, you can't just hit pause and then I'm over."She then whispers the next part"It's going to be much harder to get me to shut up about things I already know."

"Not for long."Lydia says and looks somewhere else and I see Scott and Stiles coming over here, she was probably think about Scott being a werewolf. It wasn't long until Emma turned and saw them coming over here.

"Is it me, or did Scott McCall get hotter during the year?Looks like I just found Jackson's substitute."She smirked and my blood boiled with anger thinking about her and Scott...together.

"Hey guys, who's this?"Stiles said, I didn't even realize they were here until just now.

"Guys, do you remember that girl, 'ugly Emma'?" Lydia asked.

"Oh yeah! God she needed to go, I could sense she had a crush on me"Stiles said, some how relieving me.

"Hi, I'm Emma Summers."She said, fast and annoyed.

Stiles' eyes widen"Emma Summers?!? But, you were--and now you're.......this isn't going to end well, is it?"

"It was never gonna end well, and by the way, I never had crush on you, I knew everyone in this school, yet no one knew me."She barley whispered the next part."I'm back, and not for you, I'm here to bury
something, I know what you all are, and don't think for a second that there just thoughts, because there not, there facts. And, if you try to threaten me that will be your biggest mistake."And with that she slammed her locker and walked down the hall with every guy staring at her, even Scott and Stiles.

All I was thinking was: 'Who the hell is this bitch?'


Hey readers!!! I want to thank all of the people who read this cause it's my 1st fanfic, if you haven't notice I got some ideas from PLL(Pretty Little Liars), anyway please comment, follow, vote, thanks!!!

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