The Girl who wanted to die

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her parents split up
she moved across the country
and she is bullied at school
why does she even want to be alive anymore

just a short story i had to write for school.


1. the girl who wanted to die (only chapter)

 It was the first week into the first semester of school. My parents called me and my twin sisters, Annabelle and Adriane, into the front room. They told us that recently they just hadn’t been getting along and they had decided to get a divorce. I didn’t see why they couldn’t just go to a counselor and work it out. They told me that they had gone to a counselor and it hadn’t worked out. They also told me that I was going to have to choose between living with dad or mom. I didn’t know what to think. In less than one week the divorce would be final and my mom was going to move to some little town I had never heard of. The worst of it all was the fact that I had to decide who to stay with. I loved both of my parents a lot and had no idea who to choose.  Later that day I asked Anabelle and Adriane who they had decided to live with. Adriane sounded upset and she told me that she and Anabelle had decided to live with mom. I didn’t know what to think. I loved both my parents and wanted to live with both of them but soon I was going to be more than two hundred miles from either my mom or dad. In the end I decided to go with my sisters and my mom. At least then we would have each other, and as bad as I felt about dad having no one, well maybe if he had tried just a little harder to be a little better of a husband, he and mom would still be together. We found a small four bedroom, two bath room house in Snowy Ridge, Nevada two-hundred and fifty miles from my dad, and all my friends. I would be attending Snowy ridge high school, and to make matters worse I had to start two weeks behind everyone. I mean, who moves two weeks after school starts? I was a freshman, so I was new to the whole high-school thing. My first day was awful. First I couldn’t find my English class room and then I couldn’t find my locker. My teachers called my Gracie, when it is only Grace. I was wishing I could just run home and never come out of my room again. The next few weeks were hard. I didn’t have any friends and everyone else had been attending for more than a year so they already have enough friends and didn’t have room for the weird “New Girl”. There were these really popular girls, Tiffany, Kasandra, and Victoria. They were mean to me in every way possible. They were constantly tripping me and then just saying I was such a klutz. The said my clothes were ugly, that I was fat, (which I am not I am actually quite skinny, and tall), they said my hair looked like straw and I must never use conditioner. They were downright mean. And the worst thing? Tiffany’s mom was the principal so I knew right off the bat that if I told ANYONE, even my mom, that she could easily have me expelled. There were two other girls who I could tell weren’t part of the group, but if they stood up for me, they would also be bullied like I was. I didn’t care. I tried to ignore them I really did. But sometime I would look in the mirror and tell myself that they were right I was just an ugly girl.  The school gives out chocolate cookies with lunch that Victoria, or Tori as everyone called her, would take and tell me she was doing me a favor because I was fat enough and not eating cookies would help me. I started always feeling down about everything. Myself, school, my life. I would go home and just cry and cry. I would sit in my room just looking at everything, the walls that shortly after we moved in I had painted black and stenciled blue butterfly on. The tan shag carpet that covered the floor except the corner that was wood with a built in desk, where I kept my backpack and school books. The bed was a queen canopy bed. Of course the blanket was the same blue as the butterflies on the wall and there was a giant butterfly on the front that was black. I have a window that faces that street that I covered with black curtains that keep the sun out. There was a huge walk in closet that held all my clothes and shoes. Even amid all of my stuff that I loved I felt like I was worthless and unimportant. My mom was too busy working the two jobs that she was to support us, even with child support money from my dad, to notice my strange behavior. Adriane and Anabelle had fit into the new school and even thought they knew something was wrong, they were too busy with sports and friends to ask what was wrong. I wanted so bad to tell someone what was going on, but I was so scared that I would get expelled that I just kept it inside of me. The Snowy ridge school was at the front of a very large field. Behind the school was a playground for the kids that had to wait fifteen minutes for their older sibling to walk then home from school. There was also a very nice baseball field and bleachers in the far back corner for baseball. The other part of the field was for soccer and football. The school was a nice building made of brick and quite larger.  There is a parking lot right in front of the school where the teachers can park. The inside of the school is really nice. It has a clean and organized feel. There are class rooms up and down the halls and upstairs to. The school cafeteria is about the size of a gym and it is filled with many tables with stools connected. The food is okay and edible. Although no one will eat the mystery meat. It was about two months after we moved in that I decided I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I was tired of being pushed around my Tiffany and her friends. I didn’t feel important. It had gotten so bad I had stopped looking in the mirror because I all did was criticize myself and felt ugly. I felt awful about myself. My sisters had friends and everything and I didn’t want to burden them with my problems, and my mom was struggling just keeping up with her two jobs. I decided that I would make things easier on her. It didn’t matter anyway I didn’t want to live anymore. There was no reason to. My parents were divorced. I didn’t have any friends. I felt unimportant and just like I was a problem for my mom because she had to take care of me and couldn’t really afford it. It was a Thursday night and I was feeling really down so I waited until my mom and sisters were asleep and then I packed my bags the little money that I had saved and left. I didn’t think about how frantic my mother would be. Or how devastated my sisters would be. I guess I didn’t really think, I just walked out and kept walking. I didn’t regret my decision to run away so I didn’t even look back.  I walked through the woods until I came to a cottage of a little old lady whose husband had died recently. I knocked on her door and she asked me in. she asked me what I was doing in the middle of the woods and I told her I wanted to go on a little trip but it was too cold to camp. But the real reason was that I knew nobody would look for me there in that little cottage, in the woods. Meanwhile back at my house my mom and sisters were up and getting ready for school. They finally decided that they should check on me and see if I was awake only to discover that I was gone. They were frantic. Meanwhile I was enjoying an afternoon with Marcia, (that was the little old lady’s name.) It turned out that she hadn’t had a young visitor in over three years. Poor lady was all alone in her little cottage with no one to talk to at all. They eventually found me. I do feel bad about all the trouble I had caused and anyway when I got back to school I was bullied even worse. Tiffany was super mad. She told me that I couldn’t run away from ugliness and what was I thinking! I tried so hard to avoid them but no matter what I did they found me. Then one day about a week after they found me and brought me home Tiffany was being worse than ever. She was actually physically abusing me. I already could tell I was going to have a black eye and black and blue bruises up my arm. That was the day I decided that I would put a stop to my miserable life. Late that night after my mom and sisters were asleep, I stunk to the cupboard and took out six melatonin, and three ibuprofen. I then walked outside and to the woods and across a bridge and found a tree and using the water from the river I took all of the ibuprofen melatonin. I was hoping it would kill me within an hour so that I would be quick and when they found me it would be too late. Within half an hour I was asleep and dying. What I didn’t know was that Marcia had decided to go for a walk across that particular bridge and found me about forty-five minutes after I had taken the pills. She walked home as quickly as possible and called the police. They had already been alerted that I was missing, so when they got the call they were at the sight within five minutes.  I was in an ambulance on my way to the hospital within five more minutes. When I finally woke up the first thing I saw was my dad, mom, and sisters. They all looked really worried about something. Then I remembered. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. After a while the doctor came in and told them that they should probably go on home. Later there was a soft knock at the door, and the two girls from school came in. They put a card on the nightstand by the bed and then I opened my eyes and just looked at them. They said they knew what had happened and why. At first I was confused and then they went on about how they were best friends and sisters. They also introduced themselves. The shorter one was Hailee and the other was Julia. They were best friends. How they knew what was going on?  Well they explained that when Julia had first moved in to the town she had also been bullied by Tiffany and her crew. They apologized for not doing anything to help, but Tiffany had threatened them telling them if they interfered they would be expelled. I told them it was okay and that everyone was afraid of Tiffany. A couple days later I was let out of the hospital and told to stay home from school for a few days. When I finally went back to school Tiffany and her friends were even worse but little did they know that Julia, Hailee, and I had a plan. Hailee had a miniature video camera and so as this was happening she was videoing it. What I didn’t know at the time, is that she had been recording the entire time. Almost everything that Tiffany and her friends had done to me was recorded. The next day, we went to the principal with our video and she called in Tiffany, Kasandra, and Tori.  I feel bad about Kasandra getting in trouble because she hadn’t done anything. Well we plugged Hailee’s video camera into the computer and let the Principal watch the show. She was very upset with the girls and suspended them for several days. Well except Kasandra. After Tiffany and Tory left she told the principal that she didn’t really want to go along with it except that Tiffany threated to get her expelled. For some reason Hailee also recorded that and so Kasandra wasn’t suspended. But that was last year. I am now a junior at the Snowy Ridge high school. I am the founder of the S.U.A.B club. (Stand Up against Bullying) I’m trying to make a difference to kids who are being bullied. I don’t want them to end up like me. Tiffany and her mom moved away to Golden, Colorado. Tori’s parents got a divorce and she moved to San Diego, California with her dad. Kasandra, Julia, Hailee, and I became best friends. My dad currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. And my mom and sisters and I still live in Snowy Ridge. I am now living up to my potential in life, and helping other kids who, like I did, feel worthless and unneeded in life. I’m always saying that everyone has friends, even if they don’t know that they do, and that everyone has a purpose.  

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