Hold My Hand

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  • Publiceret: 5 jun. 2014
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What happens when you find out you have cancer? When you are a teenager with your hole life in front of you?

Anna is 16 and suffers from leukemia. She had a whole lifetime in front of her. And just like that the pieces fell apart. And like the cancer part isn't enough, she also has to be close to the one person she hates the most. The mayers son, Ben.

This is my story for the Fault In Our Stars writing contest.
I chose writing option 2.


6. Study Break

He already sat in the library when I arrived after last period. In front of him stood a laptop, but that wasn't what had caught his attention. He was sitting with a BOOK?! Once I got closer I could see the title of the book. "BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH THROUGHOUT THE AGES: EVERYTHING YOU MUST KNOW". What in the...? Was he serious? The guy who never paid any attention in class was reading a book, not to mention a pretty thick one. Was he feeling alright?

I pulled out a chair from the small table he had chosen. He suddenly looked up from his book. He had looked truly facinated by it when I first saw him. He smiled and closed the book. "Hey, you came", he said, smiling. Okay pull yourself together and answer him right, with words. If you just nodd again, he'll just think you're into him like rest of the girls. Don't give him that satisfaction. "Of course I'm here. That's what we agreed, right?", I said. He sent me a little smile, and looked at the laptop. "I thought we'd might use a computer. Just in case, you know. Oh, and then I found this book about biology", he said to me, pointing at the laptop and the book. I sat down on one of the chairs and found my books in my bag. 

And there we sat for three hours. Just me and him. Talking biology and the assignment Mr. Conway had given us. He surprised me, this Ben. I started to think to myself: Maybe I had been too quick to judge? Sitting there, in the library, I barely recognised this guy. The guy you would see doing school hours was nothing like the guy I was sitting with right now. This guy was humble and down to earth. Had I met up with the right guy? Or was I just about to lose my mind?

After our little study break, in the library, we both packed our things together and went to the school parking lot. We just had gone out the door when it happened. My stomach started to hurt badly. I shrank together and dropped my bag on the ground. Ben had just gone over to his motorcycle. I know, the guy also has a motorcycle. He turned around when he heard my bag fall to the ground, and just in the last second, he grabbed me, right before I hit the ground. He lifted me up in his arms, took my bag from the ground and started to walk. What was he doing? Where was he going?

My eyes began to get heavy so I closed them. I fell asleep to the rhythm of Ben's walk.


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