Hold My Hand

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  • Publiceret: 5 jun. 2014
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What happens when you find out you have cancer? When you are a teenager with your hole life in front of you?

Anna is 16 and suffers from leukemia. She had a whole lifetime in front of her. And just like that the pieces fell apart. And like the cancer part isn't enough, she also has to be close to the one person she hates the most. The mayers son, Ben.

This is my story for the Fault In Our Stars writing contest.
I chose writing option 2.


9. Prom

The three weeks came to an end. Our assignment was officially over. But were we?

The prom was getting close. Sheila had been begging my mom of letting me go with her. My mom wasn't very happy of letting me go. We never knew what could happen. Sheila promised her she would keep an eye on me all night. Against her will, my mom finally let me go after an alone chat with me, where I told her I was about to die, and that would be without experiencing prom. 


So here we are. Prom. Every teenagers dream. Boys dressed in fancy suits and girls dressed in beautiful dresses. Boy asking out girl. Well, me and Sheila decided not to go with dates. We were there with each other, and thats what mattered. Everything was looking amazing. The decorations, the theme, and of course, the students. Sheila was dressed in a long purple dress with a diamond pattern on the side. Me. I wanted to just keep it simple, and had decided to wear a black dress for the occasion. But my mom and Sheila had been against my plan. Instead I was now wearing a long beautiful red dress with a black pattern on the front and back. My hair had been tied up in a bun.

It was obvious to hear when Ben arrived. All his friends started yelling when he walked into the room. Surprisingly without a date. Which seemed like kind of a shocker. Where was Britanny. I looked at Sheila, who apperently knew just how to read me and said: "Right. I forgot to tell you. B&B are no longer an item. They broke up". Broke up? Why? What happened? They had been the king and queen of this school, and now. Now they weren't. 

When Ben noticed me and Sheila he walked straight towards us. Was he insane? Everyone was looking. Throughout the assignment weeks, we had only been together when there were no one else around. I figured it was because he didn't want to be seen with me. But now I wasn't quite sure anymore. When he finally  stood in front of us he said: "Wow! You both look, just, beautiful". Me and Sheila looked at each other. Was he kidding, or maybe he had been drinking. No. He was close enough for me to smell that he hadn't been drinking. He was perfectly sober.


The music played the hole night. Ben took my hand and whispered in my ear: "Dance with me". I shook my head and took a step back, but he insisted. I had to remind myself, that this could be the last fun night of my life. So even though I wasn't quite sure of how to dance I went with him out on the floor.

I was enjoying myself! Something I hadn't been allowed to do for way too long. Do you know how much regular doctors appointments can ruin your life when you're a teenager. I do! This was like freedom to me. This was life.


After too long of dancing, Ben took my hand, and we walked away from the dancing crowd. The perfect place to get some air from all the action. Outside. The sky was dark and filled with stars. We both stood there just looking up. I shivered. Ben took off his jacket and put it around my shoulders. I looked at him. He smiled back. And that's where the magic happened. Our lips met, and the time stopped. His lips were gentle towards mine. The kiss was filled with passion and carefulness. Like he was afraid I was going to break into pieces.

And I did.

That night I was rushed to the hospital.

Now hell began.

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