Hold My Hand

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  • Publiceret: 5 jun. 2014
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What happens when you find out you have cancer? When you are a teenager with your hole life in front of you?

Anna is 16 and suffers from leukemia. She had a whole lifetime in front of her. And just like that the pieces fell apart. And like the cancer part isn't enough, she also has to be close to the one person she hates the most. The mayers son, Ben.

This is my story for the Fault In Our Stars writing contest.
I chose writing option 2.


10. Let The Truth Out

I was told he never left doing the night. Even though everyone told him to go home, and get some sleep, he insisted on staying. My mom told Sheila to go home, while she stayed herself.

Somehow my body couldn't handle me being at prom. I started to feel dizzy, so I told Ben I went to the bathroom. Here I started to throw up and shiver. Ben had then asked Sheila to go check up on me. She had found me lying on the floor, with blood running from my mouth and nose. Both Ben and Sheila had panicked when they saw me. Then they called an ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital. 


And here I was. Back in a hospital bed. My mom sat in a chair next to the bed. She had been crying. Who could blame her? I myself thought I was going to die. The pain was terrible. I felt like my body was burning inside and my organs were killing from the inside and out. I was living in hell. I slowly opened my eyes. The strong hospital light hurt in my eyes. My mom was holding my hand. She looked at me. "Hey. How are you feeling", she asked, sounding tired. I squeezed my eyes together and answered: "Like hell. It's getting worse, isn't it?", I asked, scared to hear the answer. My mom just nodded. God! Why was this happening? I still had almost two months left. So why was this happening to me now? I knew I was going to die. But right now wasn't really the time.

I had just been kissed by the sweetest guy, who I had hated a month ago, but who had become one of the best friends I had ever had. I looked in the corner of the room, and was surprised to see Ben sit in a chair. Or sleeping in a chair. He was still wearing his suit. "We tried to get him to leave and go home to get some sleep. But he insisted on staying here. He said he wanted to be here when you woke up", my mom said to me. I looked at him and smiled to myself. It was kind of cute. I and also knew that it meant I had to do something. "I have to tell him", I told my mom. She looked at me with the loving look she always gave me when she knew I was taking an adult decision. Telling someone about my condition was a boundary i swore never to cross. But he had been there for me, even though he didn't know. This was the scary thing. What if he wouldn't be there for me if he knew? Life is all about taking risks. And I was about to take a big risk.

This was it. I was going to tell him everything.

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