Hold My Hand

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  • Publiceret: 5 jun. 2014
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What happens when you find out you have cancer? When you are a teenager with your hole life in front of you?

Anna is 16 and suffers from leukemia. She had a whole lifetime in front of her. And just like that the pieces fell apart. And like the cancer part isn't enough, she also has to be close to the one person she hates the most. The mayers son, Ben.

This is my story for the Fault In Our Stars writing contest.
I chose writing option 2.


8. Enemies - Friends?

Two days later I finally returned to school. Of course just in time for our biology class with Mr. Conway. He looked around the class, and asked us all how the group work was progressing. I looked over my shoulder at got eye contact with Ben. Today he was alone. His little blondie hadn't met up for our biology class. The same for her partner, Ben's friend Aaron. If you ask everyone else, they'd probably tell you what they might me up to. Ben probably didn't think secondly about it.


For the next couple of days, me and Ben continued to work on our assignment. And the more time we spend together, the more my impression of him changed. We hadn't mentioned the episode from earlier at any time. It was like it never happened. Right now the focus was on biology. Somehow this was working very well. The group, the assignment, him not knowing about my disease. It was just perfect. Right in between the doctor appointments it was nice just to be distracted for once. Although no one can ever get me to admit it, I kind of liked being in his company. He knew me as me, and not as the high school kid who suffers from leukemia.

Two weeks had passed and our assignment got along. We had decided to meet at the schools football field, to make an experiment for our assignment. As one of the first times I was the first to be on our meeting spot. I found all the things we were going to need and started to put it all together. Then two hands covered my eyes. I stopped doing what I was doing. "Guess who", I heard a masculine voice say to me. I smiled to myself. I had been spending the last two weeks with this guy, an although we only spend time together after school, we had created some kind of friendship. We had begun to tell each other lame jokes and prank each other whenever we were together. I know! I started out by saying I hated this guy more than anything. But somehow he turned out to be different. He wasn't like the others. He made me forget. He made me forget that I was sick, and about to die. People always say they want to do something crazy before they die. Well this is my crazy. Spending the last time of you life with the one person you can't stand. "Hmmm", I answered him. "Is it you Mr. Conway? I thought you would be out bying burgers now", I said. Ben jumped down on the bench I was sitting on. He looked at me with a weird expression, and asked: "Do I really look like Mr. Conway?". I started laughing, and Ben joined. 

There we sat just laughing. Forgetting everything around us. Forgetting everything outside that moment.

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