Hold My Hand

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  • Publiceret: 5 jun. 2014
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What happens when you find out you have cancer? When you are a teenager with your hole life in front of you?

Anna is 16 and suffers from leukemia. She had a whole lifetime in front of her. And just like that the pieces fell apart. And like the cancer part isn't enough, she also has to be close to the one person she hates the most. The mayers son, Ben.

This is my story for the Fault In Our Stars writing contest.
I chose writing option 2.


7. A Surprising Show Up

I woke up in my room. I had been put to bed. But how had I gotten here? Did Ben know where I lived? My head was feeling heavy, and my stomach still hurt a little.

My mom walked in with a glass of water in her hand. She looked at me with a concerned look on her face. "Hey, sweety. How are you holding up?", she asked. She sent me a little concerned smile and sat down next to me. She gave me the glass of water. I took a sip. "What happened?", I asked her.      My mom took my hand and explained: "The mayers son Ben came here with you lying in his arms. He told us what had happened at school, after you had been studying for the biology assignment. He looked very concerned when he left". I looked out the window. What was it with this guy. Who was he really? The popular guy at school, who every girl wants to sleep with, or just an ordinary guy, who cares about others? My mind was not working right now. Why had he taken me home? And how did he know where I lived?

I slept the rest of the day, and night included. My mind was overwhelmed by all of my questions.

The day after, my mom called the school to tell them I had caught a flue. Then she called the doctor. He came to see me around noon. It was just the regular routine. I had been having another "episode" and my mom had been freaking out, and she needed to be told what was going on. In truth we both already knew what this all meant. Me getting more "episodes". I was getting worse an there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. I was dying and I just had to learn to accept that fact. My body was giving up. And I was starting to, too.


Sheila came to see me after school. The first thing crossing my mind, was the fact of Ben telling everyone at school. But from what my best friend knew, Ben hadn't said a word. In fact he hadn't even been there all day. Britanny told everyone he had caught himself a cold. Nice move. Pulling the "Cold Card". Won't work for long, buddy. Take it from someone who knows.

Sheila went home after dinner, and left me alone with my mom, who was constantly trying to keep herself occupied, so that she wouldn't have to think about the real problems. For an example, me. And death. It suddenly knocked on the door. My mom had just gone to take a shower, which left me to be the one opening the door. My first thought was that Sheila had forgotten something, so I put on my teasing face and opened the door. "What did you know......forget?". On the other side of the door I didn't find Sheila. Ben was standing right in front of me. And was it concern I could read from his face. I suddenly remembered I was only wearing my pyjamas, containing a small top and some pretty short shorts. Luckily I was also wearing a cardigan. I pulled the cardigan around myself and looked at Ben. He looked like the kind of person, who wasn't quite sure of what to say. So I decided to take the first step. "I guess a thank you would be at it's place?", I said. Ben suddenly looked right at me. He wrinkled his eyebrows, like he didn't quit understand, what I was talking about. Then his face suddenly changed and he said: "Oh that. Right. That was nothing. You looked like someone who could need a hand. And I didn't really know where else to go, than your house. We were lucky, your mom was home", he said, and sent me a nervous smile. I sent back a little smile. This was starting to get a little bit awkward. Obviously none of us knew what to say. A nerve-racking silence followed. "Well...I should...", Ben said and pointed towards the road, as a sign of him going home. I nodded and got ready to close the door. Ben started to walk down the steps, leading down the porch. Then he turned around. "Are you okay?", he asked nervously. I turned around again. "I'm fine. Thank you", I answered. Now he sent me a heart warming smile. The he turned around and walked down the street. I went inside and closed the door. When I had closen the door I leaned my head against the door. What was that? Had he come all the way just to ask me if I was okay. And what about his cold? He seemed perfectly fine to me. 

What was this?


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