Not Now Not Ever

Hi my name is Kathlynn and I am the youngest out of the five of me and my sisters we are best friends with 5sos and 1D our life may seem easy to some people but really it isn't easy at all

What does she mean it's not easy at all? What will happen to the five sisters? Read Not Now Not Ever to find out


1. prologue



I think I love him. But I can't I just wouldn't be right. I have know him for years I can't be in love with him. I can't while my sister has cancer I can't ever he has a girlfriend and he loves her. Maybe he is just acting like it. NO NO Kathlynn he does love her.I am just trying to like him well I do but I like him as a friend. Maybe I like Mikey or Ash or Lukey I just can't like him not now not ever.

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