The boy who had no choice

Draco Malfoy is wounded and hurt.He has been offered headboy if he goes to Hogwarts to redo last year.A broken and shattered someone makes headgirl. Surprisingly they become friends and their wounds become healed in time.They realize how good they are for each other and they become something else but friends.


1. Lost in pain

I  watched the sky from my bedroom window,the sky all different shades of blue, I do not know how long I have been here,but I have not moved from this spot ever since the day I came back from Hogwarts the day the war ended,now I had no one,I was truly alone,After the war of Hogwarts my so called father and his deatheater friends were all given to the dementors of Azkaban and sentenced to the dementor's kiss without trial,the coward deserved it.Mother and I came back home,she is under depression much like me,I have not seen her since after we came home,the second of May,two days from now and I would not have seen my own mother for four months.It was all his fault.No one cares about me anymore,before I had my mother,but now,no one.To people I am a monster,they will never understand that I,Draco Malfoy,was truly alone,and regretting everything,for thinking too highly of my family and our bloodstatus,thinking that all the wrong ideas and things my father had made sure was drilled in to my head was right,in reality he was wrong,all I ever wanted was for him to be proud of me,for me  to receive his approval,as time went on,I knew that the approval I was seeking was one that I would never get,no matter how hard I tried,he was asking me to do something that I could not do,to torture and kill innocent people,that was not me.What did the muggles or muggleborns do in the first place to get what they did?I have seen lots of blood from the war,from muggles and purebloods and all the blood was the same,why they were filth I did not know.Look at Granger,she is a  muggleborn,if it were not her surname,she would easily pass for a pureblood and some pureblood girls would never get it.The brightest witch of her age,war heroine,part of the golden trio,the brains of the golden trio and Merlin knows what else what.For some unknown reason I have been thinking quite a lot about her this summer,her screams and tears still haunt my sleep,causing me fear to sleep ,to do anything but shut my eyes and how I did not help her because I was scared.I mentally cursed myself for thinking about her,I should not be thinking about a mudblood,but...she was not a mudblood. She was smart,loyal,feisty,funny,caring,loving....pretty.What?No way.I grabbed my head in my hands in frustration,pacing up and down my room,I was soo confused,my father normally controlled my thoughts and feelings,now they were free and I was feeling everything at the same time.Angrily I pushed the dressing table over watching my possessions fall from it and land on the floor with a smash,I  punched my silver and green mirror,until all the glass was on the floor around my feet,the pieces lay shattered,the way I felt,I was shattered and needed someone to come by and help me fix myself together,I felt my blood stream down my arms and land on the floor,I gnashed,ripped and broke everything in my room,tiredly  I stopped,I glanced around my room,everything was a mess,the way I was,a big mess,my whole life was a mess and I had no idea how to fix.Helplessly I fell to the floor as I depressed scream came out of my mouth as I banged the floor with my fists,after five minutes of screaming,my screams were cries.The smell of my blood tinted my room,as it was a mess and covered in red,I crawled like a baby in to my walk in closet,leaving blood trails everywhere and sobbed,I rocked myself back and fourth and breathed in and out heavily.The way I always did when I was younger when my father had hurt me or my mother in any way.Maybe just maybe,I would feel better after this.

"Oh no...Draco?"I heard my mothers voice calling for me,her voice was full of worry and it broke me more,she walked in to where I was,her footsteps echoing on our shiny marble floor which was left trailed with my blood,I heard her go to search the rest of the room calling me,when it hit me and again I broke.Her voice was full of pain and hurt,it bought back memories,too many.I remembered when she would plead with my father to stop hurting us,I remembered how she would come to my room and cry because of the path my life had took,how she would come and look for me,hold me and tell me everything was all fine,now it was not everything had changed and I was alone and my life would always be wounded.Then the one memory came to my mind,holding me as I recalled what happened and I flinched,I remembered when Hagrid came carrying Potter.....Voldemort behind him and the rest of the deatheaters,how he declared Potter dead and how everyone must join him,then...he called me and I resisted,I ignored it,making the choice to stick with my school friends and fight along side them,when she called me and took over my body,two words "Draco come" and I obeyed,being the coward that I was I went to her,letting down my school and betraying them again.I let out another strangled scream,as I rocked myself fast,it was too much to bear.I would never forgive myself.Suddenly two arms found me in the dark and held me in a  tight embrace,I rest against them and cried harder,mother rocked me back and fourth,spilling all my tears and blood on her she did not care,I heard her weeping on my head,her cold tears falling in my hair.

"Oh Draco."Was all she could manage,my crying stopped and I found myself breathing heavily,my breath shaking,I clung on to her tighter,she done the same.She let go of me and placed herself opposite me,taking my hands in hers.Gently,she removed one hand from mine and reached for her wand casting a spell,I watched my skin begin to sew itself together,it burned and ached but I did not care,I was already hurt and damaged too much for any more.I continued to look at my hands,listening to the shaky breathing that bounced of the walls.

"Draco,what has become of our family?"Her voice was no more then a whisper but it sent shivers down my spine.I looked at her closely,studied her,I had not seen her since after the war ended,for just under four months,she looked worse then before,her eyes were swollen,red and lifeless,like mine except her eyes were blue except silver,her skin was very pale and she was much smaller in size then before.

"I do not know mother..."I breathed,my voice was dry,she squeezed my hands for reassurance.

"Draco,I love you more then anyone and anything in the world,if I could give my life and soul so you did not have to experience what you did,as a mother I know that I have failed you,my job was to keep you safe,to make sure my baby would grow in to a loving environment and his parents love him.I tried to fight against your father,to keep him from doing all the horrible things that he did,when he hurt me mentally and physically I...what he did to you was always worse..."my mother stopped mid sentence and began crying on to my shoulder,I did not shift,I remained hard like a rock as I remembered how my father tortured us,it tore me to see my mother in soo much pain,gently I placed my arms around her and hugged her numbly,the way I felt after a torture session with my father,like nothing.Moments after she released me and placed her slender index finger under my chin,pushing it up.

"Draco,please go and wash,then join me downstairs,your new headmaster has sent me a letter,informing me you will go back to school tomorrow to redo your last year,you are also headboy,I am soo proud of you."mother beamed at me,tears in her eyes,sadly I dragged myself on my feet and went to my bathroom.Then I caught my reflection...It sickened me.

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