Don't do it

This is a novella about a girl who self harms and this story has a story behind it, don't self harm.....

This isn't a true story about anyone I know, I just like the name angel and decided to make a story outta it....sorry not sorry


1. Angel

Hi, my names Angel. I'm 18 and this is my life story. So there's this band, I'm in love with them too much and it sounds cheesy but they have honestly saved my life. You might think I'm another crazed fan but when you hear my story you might understand. I have curly light brown hair, bright green eyes and small lips. I like to wear band tops and mainly jumpers to hide away my past which is still happening. I don't have a favourite out of one direction but if I had to choose it would be Niall. Their music is the best and it's literally the only thing I listen to. But to them, I'm just another fan...

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