Perfect Inconveniences

Ali Cross is different. She can see and hear things that other people can't. Communicating with the dead is only the beginning. Will she ever find a place where she belongs?


1. Last day of tortu-school

"Alison Cross?" We had a new teacher. Why someone would quit teaching right before summer break beats me, but apparently Mr. Dayson, our large, blading English teacher decided that he would suddenly 'retire'. Whatever, back to the point. The teacher holds out my essay and waves it back and forth in front of him, signalling that he wants me to come up and get it. I groan, hating the fact that I have to walk in front of the class ands put up the perverted and mean thoughts of my classmates. I get up and pull at the bottom of my shorts in a futile attempt at getting them slightly shorter. 'Damn look at that ass. Duh what do you think I'm looking at. Well I wasn't talking to you so shut it!' Benson Jones is renowned for talking to himself so its no surprise to hear him fighting with himself inside his head. Well, for me anyway.. Anyone else that could hear what I can hear would probably freak out. Lucky for them Aye.

Ive been hearing..things..for as long as I can remember. Well they actually started when I turned six. My dads a scientist and he took me to his lab since I had always wanted to go. His assistant left out a bunch of chemicals out on the work desk and me being me, I drank all of them. I had a violent seizer and couldn't see or hear for weeks. Then, out of the blue my hearing and sight suddenly came back. It was like something out of a fairy tale or some freaky novel. Ever since then, I have been able to see things and hear things that aren't normal. Ghosts, spirits moving shadows that aren't really there and hearing screams, voices in my head, hearing peoples thoughts. But over the years I've learnt to control them, schools an exception, so many people and so many thoughts. Its hard to stop them from invading my mind when my brain is basically a magnet for teenagers stupid and perverted thoughts. So I spend my recess' and lunches under a tree near the deserted part of the sports oval with loud music blasting in my ears. Music seems to stop the voices, well thoughts anyway. So I spend most of my time with my headphones in. 
Like I said, my dads a scientist so he's always away on some conference or something. While my mums an environmentalist, so she is also away a lot trying to save some natural thing or another. So my nanny raised me, she is the only one that knows about my, lets call it condition. I know what your thinking; but your dad was in the lab at the same time you swallowed the chemicals. Well yes he was, but he was too busy doing research to see any of the things I swallowed. He just thought I randomly had a seizer. Even though it doesn't run in the family and I've never had one before. Some scientist and father he is right?   

But anyway. I grabbed the essay from the teacher and saw the big A+ scribbled in messy red marker. Smiling to myself, I walked back to my seat, hearing from the teacher 'She must be seriously messed up or have a really good imagination..' 


I smirked to myself "You know sir. I think its a little bit of both" I chuckled when I heard him gasp, with wide eyes he looks around the room. 


"R-Rodney Garlow?" He stuttered and looked anywhere but at me. Sometimes this little condition can be fun. It certainly comes in handy when reading guys emotions. This little trick has saved me from many an embarrassing moment. What about me and my love life you ask? Well I don't have a love life. Not that I don't want one its just thatI think that everyones lives would be better if I weren't in them. That is why I have no friends and never had a relationship. I don't want to burden the people around me with the problems I face daily. Who would want that, who would want to love that? Nobody, thats who. 

Gosh Im getting off topic really easily! Anyway! English passed me by without much hassle. After my little trick with the new teacher-whatever his name was, I didn't get troubled with anything. No questions, no work, nothing. Which of course, was fine by me.

After an extremely boring spare spent in the library listening to music, it was-thankfully-lunch. 

I grabbed my book and went to my little tree on the empty side of the oval. My tree provided enough shade on these hot summer days for me and me only. No more than one person would be able to fit in the shade comfortably. Too soon for my liking the bell rang, signalling that it was time to go inside for our last class. Mine was history, learning about the civil war wasn't really my idea of fun but I had to pick something. 
Today is the last day before summer vacation, so that meant not much work at all and get a tonne of work back. So my last lesson was just getting back work and people talking about what they're doing over the vacation. '​Maybe I should ask Alison what she's doing for her vacation? She looks lonely. She might be nice, so what if she has no friends maybe I could be her first? Who am I kidding, a girl like her talking to a guy like me. Get over yourself Josh."


Josh Mayon sits to the left of me. He has shaggy dark brown hair, crystal blue eyes and has a very sexy lip ring. My opinion guys, just saying.. Anyway. He is pretty hot and rumour has it, he has some very intricate and very hot tattoos. Damn tattoos are cool. He rubs his face with his hands roughly. What the hell, here goes nothing.


"Hey Josh. What you doing for your vacation?" I smile at him, just trying to be nice. He's in a similar boat to me. Well apart from the whole 'I talk to dead people' thing. People think he's some depressed freak. But really he is a frightened and sweet guy with an abusive father. 

He looks shocked when I speak to him. His head slowly turns towards me and I smile at him, he returned it with a tight lipped smile of his own. 'Holy shit! she's talking to me! What do I say?'

'Be cool man don't say something stupid and don't you dare tell her all you plan on doing is playing video games!' I chuckle at his silent and weird blabber.


"Oh not much, you know. Probably just hanging out. What about you?" Well he certainly did play it cool. I'd give him props but that would just creep him out.


"Not much actually, my parents are going to be away for most of the summer. Ill probably just chill in my room playing video games and eating my weight in pizza" His eyes widened and he stayed silent for a little while, while his mind was reeling. I must admit, they were my plans for my vacation. My social life > everyone elses. 'Pizza and video games!? Damn this girl is more amazing than I thought! I love her smile too." He seemed to recover once he heard me chuckle. "Video games and pizza? Wow that er.. normal for a pretty girl..." 'Shit! Idiot! You called her pretty out loud!'


"Oh my gosh. Did the Josh Mayon just call me pretty? Well, Im honoured. Thanks" He blushes slightly and I smile at the thought. Ive never acted like this around a guy before. Never so carefree. I don't know what makes Josh different, theres just something about him that makes me think he'll understand anything I tell him. The bell rings and he jumps out of his chair, placing his hand on my desk and pushes off, leaving a note behind. 


I unfolded the scrunched up piece of paper at smiled at what I saw.

His phone number was scribbled messily on the paper with 'Call me sometime yeah? ;)' scribbled next to it.


Maybe I will Josh, just maybe...



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