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"You can leave it all behind. I'm here for you! I love you and you can't see it!" "No stay away BEFORE it all happens again." (Harry)


1. His eyes doe

"Lou, I'm gonna be late for work! Can you watch Dori?" I was yelling at my brother frantically trying to find my car keys.

"Have you seen my-" "Here now stop yelling and go. Our mom and stepdad will be home for the first time since their honeymoon later and yes I can watch Doris." "Thank you, love you." I kissed his cheek. "And I love you most of all!" I kissed Doris's forehead. "And they are bringing his son along to." "Ok bye!" Driving to my work was short but it was only a smoothie shop so it wasn't very fast pace. It pays about 12 dollars an hour since there are like 2 employees. My friends dad's girlfriends parents own the place so yay.! The only other worker is Eleanor and she is sorta the granddaughter well probably will be soon. She is dating my older brother Louis. Our mother has been divorced for five years and married a guy after dating him corn six months but they also decided to tie down the knot when she had gotten pregnant.

"Well to VeryBerry how may I help you?" "Stop being perky nobody likes work." A teenager that looked around Louis's age, said. "Excuse you but this is my normal voice. Now what do you want to eat because I have another customer." "Well if that's your normal tone then you must be extremely annoying," he smirked. How dare he judge me! "And I'll have a strawberry mango plus if you don't spit in it I'll give you an extra ten." He winked. "I wouldn't do that." I sent the order to El in the back and heard the blender fire up. It was soon done. "Here is your strawberry mix. That will be 4.23." He handed me a twenty. "Here is your receipt. 15.77 is your change. Have a nice day." "Keep it at least you have nice tits and a big ass." He chuckled to himself. The nerve he has! He was repulsive! But his eyes...

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