Partners with Mr.BADBOY

I'm Francesca Hill. Today's the day I'm attending BaidenBridge College with my best friend Viloletta and getting away from my family. At last !

I thought everything was going to be perfect , but that's until I got re-assigned a NEW English , science , drama , P.E and Photography partner ... And he would like to be known as



1. chapter one.

Francesca's pov :

"We did it ! We're finally here !!" Violetta shrieked.

Violetta has been my best friends since diapers , she's always been there for me when ever I needed her. After high school has finished we're actually really grateful that we both got accepted to the college we've always dreamed of.

(And no , it's not the violetta on that tv show on Disney channel)

"Vilou ! Calm down. You're already giving me a migraine." I joked.

"I'm sorry Fran , it's just , I'm SO excited ! This has been my dream , it has been our dream Fran and we're finally here !" She squealed.

Oh lord help me !

"Vilou , can you just pay the driver so we can leave." She chuckled.

"Sure." She handed the driver a 10 plus a 5 tip.

"Ok , so it says right here that we must first go to the reception desk." I stated while reading the letter off from my phone.

"And that is ?...." Violetta asked.

"In the back building." I finished off.

"Back building ? Why the back ? Shouldn't it be in the front ?" I groaned.

"I don't know Vilou. Maybe it was meant to be in the back." I rubbed my temples after I popped my phone inside my hoodies pockets.

"Where do you think the back building is ?" She asked.

"I don't know , maybe in the back." I said in a no duh tone.

"No shit Sherlock. I meant where is it exactly ?"

"I think it's around ..." I started searching for areas which lead to the back.

"That corner !" I said smiling as I was pointing towards a corner.

"Then what are we doing standing around ?! Let's goooo !!" Before I knew it , violetta already ran off without me.

"VILOU ! WAIT UP !" I chuckled at my crazy best friend.

I ran around the corner towards her direction-


I fell on my butt.

"OW ! Vilou , what was that for-" I got cut off by a tattooed guy blocking our way.

"It's ... Beautiful." Vilou whispered to me.

"No it's not ? The guys scary !" I protested.

"No-wait ?GUY ? Who the hell are YOU talking about ! I'm talking about the view behind the guy !" I knitted my eyebrows until she showed me the beautiful view behind the blonde.

"Wow , it's ... Breathtaking."

"Well thank you. It's actually nice hearing that from a couple of hotties like yourselves." The blue eyed blond guy smirked.

"Vilou ... I think we should get going." I chuckled nervously as I was briskly tugging on my best friend elbow.

"Wait Fran , I just wanna look at the view just a little longer." She whined.

"You can get a better view up close." I growled in her ear.

"Fine ... RACE YOU THERE !!!" Before I knew it , she ran off without me again. And she didn't even notice that guys existence.

"You've got some friend there." He stated while I chuckled.

"Yea ... Yea I do." I stared at my crazy best friend who's jumping around and making grass angels.

"I'm Niall. Niall Horan. And you are ?"

"I'm-" I got cut off

"HAY ARE YOU COMING OR WHAT !!?" I chuckled at violettas enthusiasm.

"Well , it looks like you're best friends callin' you."I chuckled.

"Yea , do you perhaps know where the back building is ?" I asked.

"Just go where you're friend is then take a right and you'll reach you're destination !" He chuckled.


"No prob. I'll .... See ya around right ?" He shoved his hands in his pockets.

"I'll see ya around." I smiled.

"Cool." He winked at me and headed the opposite direction with his friends.

Looks like I just met my future husband ... Jokes !(I'm a Harry's girl all the way)

I ran up to my best friend who's covered in grass stuff.

"Ugh Vilou ! What happened." I chuckled.

"I don't know ... But I don't think grass likes me that much." She grinned.

"Well hurry up and get that off you , I found out where the back building is." She shrugged all of the grass off of her frilly skirt and followed me towards two big doors on the right.

#Niall'sPov :

That girl ...

There's something about her that makes me want her ... That makes me lust for her.

The way her long , wavy pink hair moves when the wind blows or whenever her lips form into a smile.

"Niall ? Are you ok ?" Zayn asked me.

"No his not Zayn ... His loovvee struuucckkk !!" My friend Louis sang.



"Ow ... What was that for ?" He winced while rubbing his booboo as I smirked

"That's what you get you fucked up fuck !" My eyes widened at what I just said ... Especially at Lou.

"Lou , I'm sorry ! You know I didn't mean it." I apologized.

"It's fine Horan. I'm just gonna take a walk .... By myself." He snapped while he left leaving me in utter guilt.

"It's fine Niall , he'll come around." I glared at hazza.

"So umm ... Niall. Is she you're new target ?" Zayn asked changing the subject.

I thought about it ...

"Yup !" I said while popping the P.

She's my new target.


{Francesca's pov}

I opened the dorm room for me and Violetta.

Once I opened the door , violetta gasped in amazement.

"This is ... AMAZING !!!" She squealed.

"Look at our walk-in-closet ! OMG , look at our BATHROOM !!" She shrieked , and this carried on and on and on ...

Ugh , I feel a migraine coming ....

"I get it Vilou ! This place is massive . Especially for two girls." I chuckled.

"Sorry ! I'm just so excited !!" She shrieked.

"Well go be excited somewhere else. I'm gonna take a quick nap in my king sized bed." She nodded and fiddled with other things.

The only thing I seemed to have on my mind ...

Was Horan.



I was running ... Running from a certain shadow.

The .... The shadow was chasing me ...

And it wasn't happy.

"Someone ... Someone help mee !!!" I cried.

But no one heard me.

Suddenly ... I tripped and received a massive gash on my knee.

"P-please ... Don't hurt me ... I-I love you !" I whimpered at the tall figure hovering over me.

"Sorry sweet cheeks .. I'm just getting what I came for ."


I woke up panting , sweating ... I could feel my adrenalin pumping and I can feel my heart skip two beats.

That dream meant nothing right ?

But what really scared me was I was in love with the shadow ...

And the shadow ...

Was Niall ?



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