Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons

Jack, Merida, Elsa, Hiccup, and Rapunzel meet again three years later after their greatest battle yet. They're all elated to see each other once more..until the dragons they defeated rise again for revenge. Now, this is only a party with a huge ball and thousands of people from all kinds of kingdoms. What can go wrong?



1. Intro


I'm Jack Frost. Yes, THE Jack Frost. Some people don't believe in me, but if you're reading this, that means you believe and that I'm real.

Anyways,to the actual story... I have to tell you THIS first. You see, there's this dude called Pitch Black ((aka Boogeyman)) and he had six dragons. They're dangerous, with green fire that would flare upon your whole body if you stood less that a foot away from it. They were released to threaten everyone so that Pitch can control the world ((A/N: I know this is a bad time, but that vaguely reminded me of Piccilo in the TFS parodies of DBZ XD search it up if you don't know)).

Then, there's the guardians. There's North (Santa), Sandy (Sand man), Tooth (Tooth Fairy), Bunny (Easter Bunny), and me. We fight to protect all mortals whether they believe in us or not. Our first believer was a kid called Jaime.

All of us thought we could take down Pitch (like usual),but North knew better. He had a feeling that we might need help. The rest of us foolishly thought of this as a joke. Turns out, he was right.

We needed help for the battle. The dragons couldn't be put to sleep, my ice powers. Weren't enough, and Tooth's minions would be BURNED! So, we decided to get the greatest warriors that believed.

Elsa was one of them. She had ice powers, like me, Jaime had convinced her to believe that I was back and alive (that's a part of my backstory...I can't tell you yet, though). I love Elsa more than anything, but I can't be with her. It'll be too painful for me when she leaves while I'm stuck here forever.

Hiccup is another warrior. He's known as the Viking who started a bond with a dragon. He's my best friend and his current crush is Merida: a fearless princess from Dun Broch or something.

Lastly, there's Rapunzel. She has SUPER long hair, uses frying pans as weapons, and is CRAZY. I cannot believe she's related to Elsa..she seems like she would be Anna's sister.

Now, when we all met up, Elsa had a plan. Someone had to distract the dragons while someone else trapped them, giving me and Elsa enough time to collect enough energy to freeze them.

The plan worked! Hic and Mer distracted using Toothless and Rapunzel managed to get her friends to make the dragons tangled (like her hair). We had a party lasting five days (leaving Mer to skip princess training) and we all had fun. But, everything soon stopped because of responsibilities.

Punzie had some princessly duties while Hic had Toothless and the Vikings to worry about. Mer had to once again deal with torture. As for Elsa.. She's not a princess. She's a queen. She has more responsibilities than any of us. "Will we see each other again?," I asked after a heartfelt group hug. "Don't worry," Rapunzel smiled. "Yeah," Merida agreed. "We'll be friends forever," Hic said. "No matter what," Elsa finished.

That was three years ago.

Well, that's it! Hope you all love it ;)

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